Sunday, November 29, 2009

My Treasures

You've heard the saying "One man's trash.... well they're my treasures. As I mentioned on my first page, I like to make collage shadowboxes with vintage items.  I try to use vintage as much as possible when I  make these.  I like the fact that everything in the piece has a history to it--no matter what it is-- someone owned it,  used it, read it, etc., up to 100 years ago (the older the better).  Usually in the summer, on Saturday morning, my husband Fred and I grab a cup of our favorite coffee--Peet's (the most delicious coffee), take the garage sale listings, and I start to hunt for my treasures.

I look for any type of vintage fabrics, lace, ribbon,  or doilies.  I can find them at great prices.

I love old jewelry, hardware, keys, buttons, etc., etc.

I'm always looking for old magazines and sheet music. I have a weakness for old books.  Everytime I see them I grab them, before anyone else can : )   I have no idea what I'll do with all of these books.  I think I see an altered book in my future.

I have many treasures in these boxes that are scattered all over my house.  And on the those cold gloomy days in the middle of winter, when I'm feeling a little down, and wish I could get out and maybe go to a garage sale--I do!  I grab a cup of Peet's coffee, and start looking through all of my boxes, because I've pretty much forgotten what's in them.  Usually at the first of the year, I go through my stash, and decide what I want to let go of, and then list them on Ebay, which I will let everyone know about on my new blog!

My favorite finds are old photos, usually from  flea markets.  It's kind of sad, because at one time these photos meant something to someone.  They all had a family, and most of these photos were taken for special occasions, and now they're in a big pile at some flea market somewhere. I feel that I have to use these in my art, because of this reason, and I want to use them. 

Take for instance, I found her and several other photos at a booth at a flea market.

And two booths down--and this IS true--I found these eyeglasses, which  very much look  like the ones that she's wearing.

So what do you think? Do you think she wants me to tell her story? I think she does, and I'm going to search through all of my treasures to finish it. And when I do, I'll show her story to all of you.



Sharon said...

You are so lucky that you Fred goes with you. Great finds.
Love the glasses.

Buffy said...

It sounds like your husband is your best friend!I can't wait to see the rest of the story. Your stuff looks like my stuff. I have baskets and suitcases full plus a linen closet full of vintage linens and doilies.

Anonymous said...

We go to a lot of gargage sales, etc. We have a booth in a flea market we keep filled. Plus, I always keep a look out for items to use in my art. I like all the vintage stuff you mentioned...I have a collection of old keys and tiny perfume bottles. Thanks for coming by my site...watercolors are something I play around with sometimes.

larryd said...

Okay, this is a whole new world to me, but hooray for you! I really like the "lady with teh glasses" story/artpiece. It's all good.

Micki said...

Hi Diane thanks for stopping by my blog!!
Look how many gorgeous goodies you have, oh I could spend days looking through that little lot, lucky you!!

Micki x

Say It In Color said...

Hi!!....I love your new blog....good for you!! The girl with the glasses reminds me of "Molly"...the American girl doll....from the 30's or 40's....she wears glasses. I'll be back!!

Micki said...

ACEO stands for 'Art Card Editions and Originals'. They are pieces of artwork measuring 2.5 x 3.5 inches the same as a standard playing card and ATC stands for 'Artist Trading Card' which is exactly the same size. The difference is that the ACEO card is made to be sold and the ATC is for trading with others only!
Silly really, they are the same thing with different names ;)
Micki x

wanda miller said...

mY HEART is palpitating over your loot, Diane. Fun times ahead eh? Anxious to see what magic you bring from all of this. HAVE A BLAST! XO


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