Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Start to Finish

I  haven't  done  this  in  a  while--take  you  through  a  step  by  step  process  of  my  latest  piece.   I  have  a  little  more  time  now,  so  here  goes.........but  of  course  I  forgot  to  take  a  photo  of  the  cupboard  door  that  I  had  before  I  did  anything  to  it.   In  this  photo  it  already  has  a  primer  paint  on  it  or  you  could  just  use  gesso--
You  can  see  the  holes  where  the  handle  was.   I  decided  not  to  use  it,  but  I  will  eventually  in  another  project--I  love  the  old  hardware.
And  then  next  I  gathered  papers   that  I  wanted  to  use--
I  found  a  new  scrapbook  paper  love--Pink  Paislee--"London  Market"--they're  beautiful.   I  also  used  some  of  these  very  cool  digital  images  that  I  found  on  Etsy  (can't  remember  the  name  of  the  shop  though--but  if  you're  interested,  let  me  know,  and I'll  look  it  up)  She  has  a  ton  of  images  like  these  vintage  florals.   Also,  I  added  paint  to  the  'frame'  of  the  door.
So  next  came  the  first  layer--
---and  then  another  layer   and  lots  of  texture.     (BTW--you'll  have  to  excuse  these  photos.   I  have  a  room  in  my  house  with  great  natural  light  that  I  use  for  picture-taking,  but  'Sandy'  has  been  hanging  around  here,  and  it's  very  gloomy.)
So  after  the  final  layer  and adding  details,  came  the  embellishments--
Love  this--and  it's  much  better  in  person--I  wish  I  had  better  light.   I  think  Sandy  has  left,  but  the  weather  is  still  rather  depressing.   Last  night  was the  worst--lots  of  wind  and  rain  (and  a  very  wet  basement!),  and  we  were  just  on  the  outskirts  of  the  storm!  
Tomorrow  is  still  not  looking  that  great  for  one  of  our  favorite  holidays,  but  it's  not  going  to  stop  us  from  enjoying  it.
Happy  Halloween  everyone!!


Anonymous said...

The door looks fantastic and it is nice to see it in process. Lots of great things to look at. I hope you have an enjoyable Halloween, the weather just adds to the spooky, I guess.

Alie Hoogenboezem-de Vries said...

Your creation is so artful...oh my, even adorable.
Love what you did with the artful result! Top :-)

greetings, Alie

Holly Loves Art said...

So fun to see the process! Happy Halloween!

CraftyViolet said...

I absolutley love it! Thanks for the step-by-step too. Nice of you to share your techniques.

Marja's Stamp Addiction en Marja's Creativity said...

This is sooo awesome Diane. Wonderful and artful creation . Love it.
Lovely greet

Nataša said...

Again, a wonderful work!
I'm glad to hear that the weather is calming down now. We were just watching the news here on "the other side of the world" :) and saw the disaster Sandy had left behind.
Happy Halloween to you too!

Juls said...

just gorgeous!! and fully inspirational as always!! Hugs Juls

Sandi McLean said...

Witching you a happy halloween! Glad to hear all are safe. Gorgeous project!!

Jenny said...

Oh Diane... this is stunning... I just love it... and the wonderful progress pics... such pretty papers... and embellies... happy too... that the weather is calming down...

Jenny ♥

Tammie Lee said...

thank you for sharing the way you created this, so much fun to see and consider.

wishing you safe and happy halloween!

Kathy said...

What a sweet baby girl!!
I am glad you and yours are safe from the storm and wishing you a Happy Halloween, as well.

Bren said...

another beauty, especially love the doorknob on this :-) Sandy's bringing gloom to everyone, but I think your photos look great!

roc said...

love your piece of artwork! love that baby, too. aren't they so precious!?!

Cameron said...

Happy Halloween, Diane!
Another wonderful cabinet door...awesome!

Look at your sweet GrandBaby! She's growing up so fast!

Cathy Bueti said...

Diane I love seeing the process for this piece. And its such a lovely one! Those papers look gorgeous! And what a cutie . . . you saved the best image for last!

I am looking forward to seeing the sun again soon too! :)

Marilyn Rock said...

Beautiful and thanks for sharing your brilliant process. Love seeing beautiful baby there, too!

Glad you and yours are safe. I spent a scary evening, on Tuesday, with my son, DIL, and grand daughter. We dodged a huge bullet. We never lost power and my heart goes out to those effected by Sandy; such a massive storm!

Rosie said...

Lovely to see how your art progresses and all its layers. Thank you for sharing.


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