Thursday, May 30, 2013

'Home Sweet Home' Again (back from the Best Flea Market!)

I've  actually been  home  for  a  while--just getting  back  to  a normal  routine again (lots  going  on  around  here).   And  Yes--I've  been  to  a  lot  of  flea  markets,  but  this  one  in  Springfield, Ohio was  by  far  the  best  one  I've  ever  been  to  (even  better  than  the  highway  127  Sale  that  I  went  to  last  year).  This  was  my  first  time  there,  but  definitely  not  my  last!   Booth  after  booth  of  just  awesome items--
Love  that  stove!
This  was  all  this  man  had  at  his  booth--spools  and  bobbins  of  every  size  that  you  could  imagine!  I  had  to  get  some--I  have  so  many  already,  but  I can't  resist  these  things.
And  the  vintage  hardware!!
There  were  lots  of  booths  just  like  this  with  your  pick  and  choose  of  any  type  of  hardware  that  you  could  think  of--prices  were  reasonable  too--PLUS  lots  of  good  haggling!
Here's  just  a  fraction  of  what  I  found  and  brought  home  with  me--
So  I  found  this  booth  with  license  plates--hundreds  of  them,  and  the  vendor  also  offered  cut  up   plates so  you  could  make  your  own  words--by  the  time  I  got  there  the  E's  were  gone--had  to  improvise  with  the  backward  3's.   (wish  I  would  have got  more)
I  picked  up  a  couple  of  these  printer's  trays  and  of  course  the  cool  hardware  and  I  LOVE  those  alphabet  printer's stamps.   I  wasn't  sure  what  those  black  handles were  that  you  see  on  the  right,  and  the  man  told  me  that  they  were  handles  to  printer's  trays.    And  that's  where  my  newest  art  comes  in.
....some  more  of  that  hardware  again--but  I  made  it  a  little  more  whimsical  by  painting  it  and  adding  this  fun  knob  that  I  found  at  Hobby  Lobby...


So--it's  good  to  be  back  'home'  in  more  ways  than  one!
Now--it's  time  to  get  serious--I  now  know  my  show  schedule  (they're  all  listed  on  my  sidebar--the  most  I've  ever  done--Yikes!!--a  little  scary,  but  I  can't  wait!)


Anonymous said...

Sounds like you had a ball!! what a bunch of great finds and I love the license plate letters, that is clever.
What do you do with your big spools?? I wonder about stuff like that when I see it for sale.
Your art work as always is such a delight to look at and I am glad you found more fodder for future pieces.

Halle said...

Way better flea market than I've ever been to around here!! Awesome treasures.

Janine said...

Wow, how fun! It amazes me what you can do with all of those materials! What an artist!

Gloria in CA said...

Looks like it was fun and you came home with lots of goodies for all your great work. Have fun.

Terri said...

Wow..what a flea market and your is always terrific!

Terri said...

oops...your ART is always terrific...

Marianne said...

Love the art you made with this fleamarket treasures :-)
xxx Marianne

Kathy said...

How FUN!! I love all that old hardware and know you will be putting it to very good use. I never thought about it before but pretty funny to look around my house and wonder if the hardware will end up in a piece of artwork someday - haha!

Cameron said...

Those salvaged bits are so lucky to go home with you...they will live the rest of their days as beautiful art!

You always have the neatest ideas and happiest pieces!

Nathaly said...

Wow! :-)


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