Thursday, March 13, 2014

Another Start to Finish

Okay,  I  have  2 pieces  to  show  today  and  kind  of  a  lesson  to  not  fall  in  love  with  your  layers.   I  usually  have  a  plan  in  mind  when  I  make  my  art,  but  sometimes  I'm  willing  to  let  go  of  that  plan.

So  here's  how  it  all  started  (this  is  pretty  much  how  I  start  my pieces)--

....paper  love--and  these  were  all  vintage  papers--book  pages,  ledger  pages,  a  map,  some  wallpaper,  and  even  a  handwritten  letter (a  thing  of  the  past anymore)

So  the  first  thing  I  did  was  randomly  collage  the  papers  on  this  6 x 12  canvas..

And  then  I  found  a  photo  reference  (keeping  the  theme  in  mind)--a  cover  of  a  1930  Modern  Priscilla  magazine--

Here's  where  my  plan  started  changing--as  you  can  see,  I  was  trying  to  keep  those  great  papers  peeking  through  the  painting,  but  as  I  kept  going--it  just  didn't  work  out  that  way--

I  basically  let  my  muse  take  over,  and  ended  up  very  happy  with  it--I'm  the  only  one  that  knows   that  those  papers  are  under  there,  and  I  kind  of  like  that.

So  I  tried  it  again--

This  time  I  decided  to  go  a  little  heavier  with  the  paint,  and  I  love  the  effect  I  got  by  applying  the  paint  with  a  credit  card  and  a  brayer.

But  again,  my  plan  changed--

and  boy,  I  Really  changed  this  one--it  doesn't  even  have  the  colors  that  I started  out  with--but  I'm  so  glad  that  I  got  my  mind  out  of  the  way,  and  just  started  painting.

Lots  of  texture  on  this  one--

...molding  paste  on  the  flowers

the  pears  were  collaged  on  (using  the  handwritten  letter)  and  then  I  added  paint  to them,  but  you  can  still  see  some  of  the  original  writing.   The  only  thing  left  on  this  piece  from  the  original  background  is  the  little  butterfly  next  to  the  leaves.

So  when  you're making  art,  the  lesson  would  be--don't  stop  until  you're  in  love  with  what  you've  done,  remembering  that  it's  only  paint,  and  it  can  be  covered  up--and  an  added  bonus--the  more  layers,  the  cooler  the  end  result.


Sue Marrazzo said...

This was so INspiring!
I always start with paper, too!
It is great to see the stages....keep up the great WORKS!

Karen Cannon said...

I love both of these sooo much!! Great job!!

Kathy said...

Diane, your posts are always filled with SO much inspiration. As always, thank you for sharing.

CrimsonLeaves said...

Wow, Diane! You know...I just think your art is amazing. I always love every single thing you do and am so glad Katherine sent me to your blog.

teri flemal said...

I love the way you paint flowers.

Connie said...

Diane, your work puts a huge ear to ear smile on my face . . . feeling low, having a bumped-out day . . . your blog is the place to get happy again. Thank you!
Your blogging sister, Connie :)

Lisa Graham Art said...

Great advice...I often stop too soon and I've been working hard to not do this so much.

Love what you created Diane! Especially the flowers with's so beautiful!

Karen Larko said...

Gorgeous! Love them both! Thanks for sharing how you did these.

Gaby Bee said...

Both are simply amazing, the layers are just perfect. Enjoyed the visit today...


Anonymous said...

I'm a newbie and I'm doing a lot of exploring on the internet of artists. I've started making some of my own art but I need inspiration. Your art is fabulous. Very inspiring. Feast for the eyes. Thks for sharing.


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