Thursday, December 11, 2014

My Etsy Shop is Open!

Just  a  quick  post  to  let  you  know  that  these  items  are  in  my  Etsy  shop.   Some  have  sold  already,  but  if  you  see  something  you're  interested  in--and  it's  not  available--just  let  me  know!

go  HERE  for  my  shop--I'll  be  listing  a  few  more  in  the  next  couple  of  days!


Rita A. said...

These are wonderful. Good luck with your sales.

CrimsonLeaves said...

Be still my heart!!

Clyde Hudson said...

Those are some snazzy designs you've got there. Glad those are all getting by in the market. People should know better after all, and grab some for themselves. The creative side is highly compensated, so I hope that the accounting side accomodates as well; where all the items for sale are taken noted of, and the profits records are made exact. All the best!

Clyde Hudson @ Stewart Technologies

Juls said...

Beautiful designs :-) xx

Herman Thompson said...

You are a very talented artist, Diane. I love how unique your pieces are. I genuinely wish your Etsy shop the best. I'm sure a lot of your followers have been fighting to get your art in their hands. Hahaha! Thanks for sharing that! More power to you and your lovely business! :)

Herman Thompson @ AccountAbility Plus

Anonymous said...

Diane, When you use the inktense blocks and gesso... do you use the blocks while the gesso is wet???

Love your work... I hope to learn this brilliant!!
Smiles, ruth

Anonymous said...

Diane, just decided to go for it... LOVE IT!!!! thanks for showing how.

I don't know if I did it the way you
intended but I happy. once again that you for the general direction!!!

Anonymous said...

Sorry both my comment should have been under the cat...LOL

Clint Shaff said...

Wow, your works are absolutely stunning— no wonder some of them have already sold out. I bet people who saw those were mesmerized. Anyway, I hope things are doing great with your Etsy shop. All the best!

Clint Shaff @ Franchise Match


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