Friday, September 4, 2015

Another First For Me--I'll Be Teaching!

Yes,  I'm  going  to  be  teaching  my  first  workshop--something  I've  always  wanted  to  do,  but  now  that it's  coming  up  in  just  a  few  days,  I'm  Very  nervous  (thinking--'what  did  I  get  myself  into?!')  I  knew  that  I'd  be  feeling  this  way--but  you  have  to  get  that  'first  time'  done,  and  then  you're  fine.....I  hope  :-)

I'm teaching  about  my  current  love--paper  and  paint  and  collage--I  love  sharing  my  techniques  here,  so  why  not  in  person!

First,  we'll  be  playing  with  paint, paper  and  also  the  new  Gelli® 4"round  plate--

Everyone  likes  making  these  papers,  but  wonder  what  can  they  do  with  all  of  them,  which  will  be  part 2  of  my  class--

I'll  bring  projects  for  them--to  make  themselves  or  just  to  use  as  inspiration  for  whatever  art  that  they  would  like  to  make

Or  they  can  make  papers  with  a  specific color  theme  in  mind--

There really is no  end  to  what  you  can  do  with  these  papers--

Painting  papers,  for  me,  is  my  warm-up  for  making  an  art  piece,  and  I'm  hoping  this  is  how  it  will  be  for  everyone  in  my workshop--just  get  out  the  paint  and  all  of the  painting  'tools'  and  just  have  fun--not  worrying  about  the  outcome.

Next  post--photos  from  my  workshop  (just gotta  remember to take pics!!)


Unknown said...


Jan said...

I know your class will be a great success! I have enjoyed learning from your blog tutorials.

Anneke said...

I really enjoyed looking at your work.
So colorful. Love your design.
Thanks for showing. Very inspiring.

Unknown said...

I love your work, and I'm sure you will do a great job!!!!! Wish I could attend :)


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