Monday, February 8, 2016

My Online Class With Jodi Ohl--Dirty Flirty Birds....and...More About My September Workshop

I  haven't  been  taking  a  lot  of  online  classes  lately--just  haven't  been  really  able  to  take  the  time  to  benefit  from  them,  but  when  I  saw  that  Jodi  Ohl  was  offering  her  Dirty  Flirty  Birds  class  online,  I  knew  that  I  would  take  the  time  for  this  class.  And  I'm  so  glad  that  I  did--

....they  are  so  fun  to  create...

....and  when  you  let  them--their  own  personalities  come  out..
and  their  stories  too...

They  are  definitely  one  of  a  kind,  but  they're  all  a  big  happy  family--

Jodi's  class  is  great--this  isn't  the first  one  that  I've  taken  from  her--I  knew  from  her  other  classes  that  it  would  be  jam--packed  with  techniques  and  step  by  step  details  about  these  fun  birds--love  this  class!

And  I  put  my  own  spin  on  one  of  the  birds  and  did  what  I  always  do  when  I  make  new  art--

...put  it  on  a  box!

Now--changing  the  subject  a  bit--about  my  workshop  in  September--I'll  be  teaching  for  2  days,  and  here's  what  I'll  be  teaching  on  day  #2 --

we'll  be  painting  our  own  papers  to  help  create  this  shadowbox--

 All  about  home--which  can  be  personalized  with  your  own  mementos  and  even  collaged  cards, letters,  etc--lots  of  possibilities.

This  will  be  held  at  Art  Retreat  at  the  Lake  in  Mayville,  NY  at  beautiful  Lake  Chautauqua--I'm  excited  :-)


Susanna said...

Oh! I love those birds! They are so cute :))

Lisa said...

Oh your dirty flirty birds are fabulous!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE!

Kim Collister said...

Wow Diane, Big Congrats on your publication!!! Well deserved!! I LOVE Jodi's birds and how did I miss this online class? Your birds are gorgeous and the colors are fabulous!! Glad I stopped by to say Hello, you never fail to inspire me!!

Kim Collister said...

Oh gosh forgot to mention YOUR WORKSHOP! Maybe one day I will actually get to attend!
I know it will be amazing!
Best wishes!!

marga said...

Me gusta mucho personalizar los objetos de esta forma, es genial :)

annielou said...

I was surfing around and found you !!! You are fabulous !!! I am now a follower !!!!!


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