Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Painting Furniture

To  me  furniture  is  just  another  substrate.   I'll  look  at  the  individual  piece  and  then  decide  what  I  want  to  do  with  it.  In  this  case,  I  had  a couple  of  benches  that  I  found  at  a  flea  market  during  the  summer.   So  I  just  started  painting  on  them....

......my  current  'canvas'

.....all  finished

And  the  start  of  another  one--

to  finish--

And  one  more--this  time  a  functional  little  cabinet-table--

And  I'm  happy  to  say  that  these  pieces  have  all  found  new  homes.   They went with  me  to  Columbiana,  Ohio  to  Christmas  in  the  Woods--the  show  I  look  forward  to  every year.   Lots  of  appreciative  shoppers  come  to  enjoy  this  show (great  art  and  crafts,  great  food,  and  great  entertainment).  They  let  us  artists  continue  what   we  love  to  do  most  by  their  support.


Braveartgirl said...

Each of them is lovely! My favorite one is the side table...DARLING!

CraftyViolet said...

These are awesome and so nice that they were rescued too so they didn't end up in the land fill.


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