Sunday, August 22, 2010

Back From My Shopping Spree--A Little Poorer, but A Little More Organized....AND...another excellent giveaway that I want to tell you about!

I  have  to  say  that  I spent  alot  of  money  this weekend--way  too  much,  but  I  just  couldn't   resist--I was  finding lots  of  fun  things.  I  found  some  great  Christmas items  at  the  wholesale  show  for  collages.  When  I  do  the  Christmas  shows,  I mix  alot  of  craft  type items  with  my  mixed  media--but  I  DO  make  everything  that  I  offer  for  sale--I  don't  do  buy/sell--very  familiar  term  and  occurrence   in  the  art/craft  show  circuit.

And  my  first  stop  on  Friday  was  at  the  Dick Blick  store,  and  I  just  want  to  say--that  shopping  there  is    not  all   that  it's  cracked  up  to  be.   Now  before  you  start  screaming  at  me,  let  me  explain.  Okay,  the  first  reason  is  because  both  of  these  stores that  I've  been  to (Columbus  and  NYC)  were  huge,  and  very  overwhelming.   There's  so  much  to take in,  that  it's  almost  too  much--this  is  a  good  thing (if  you  have  an  unlimited  amount  of  money),  but it can   also be a  bad  thing (if  you  don't).   Another  reason is  --they  don't  have  everything  that's  in  their  catalog--I  know,  that's  really  not  a  big  deal.   But  the main  reason  is--their  prices  on   all  of  their  products  are  alot  higher  than  their  online  prices--I  figured  even  with  the  shipping,  I  save  more  when  I  shop  online.  I'm  not  talking  a  dollar  more--I'm  talking  anywhere  from  $3  to  $7.00 more!   But  on  the  up  side--you  can  see  the  actual  colors  of   all  the  paints (and  they pretty  much  have  all of  the  color selections  there too)  and  all  of  the  pens and  markers (you  can  test  them    too).   And  I  know  when  I  go  back  to  Columbus  next  year  or  where ever  there  is  a  Dick  Blick  store ,  that  will  be  the  first  place  I  go  to--I  still   love  going  there.

Okay,  now  on  to  IKEA.  I  was  able  to  find  some  shelving  units there  that  didn't  cost  me  an  arm  and  a leg,  and  I've  been  very  motivated  today  to get  it  put  together  with  the  help  of  my  very  patient  husband.  This  is  what  I  wanted  to  replace--an  old  set  of  shelves  from  my  son  that  he  was  going  to throw  out--it  was  on  it's  last  legs.

So this is the before shot--

--and  here's  the  after--

I   now  have  2  sets  of shelves that  hold  so much  more!  I  also  found  these baskets  at  IKEA  too--they're  great  for  organizing.  I  now  have  all  of  my paints  next  to  my  work  table,  and  also  my  scrapbook  paper pads  were  able  to  fit  in  there.  That's  my  next  goal--to  find  a  better  storage  system  for  all  of  my  many  many  more  loose  scrapbook  and  collage  papers  (other  side  of  the  room).   And  even  though  this  takes  up  basically  the whole  wall,  the  room  seems  bigger  to  me  now.  I'm  happy!!

Now the  giveaway--Joji  Todd  is  having  her  first  giveaway  on   her  blog.  You  will  be  so  happy  to  see  what  she's  giving  away.  Her  work  is  exceptional.  I found  her  blog  a  few  months  ago, and  I  love  her  beautiful  art.  So  just  go  here  to  sign  up.

And  lastly,  I'm  still working  on  my  little  project.   Here's  another  peak--

This  is  one  of  my  newer  stamps.   I'm  pretty  sure  it's  a  Lynne  Perella  stamp--but  correct  me  if  I'm  wrong.   I  found  it  on  my  recent  trip to  New York  at  The Ink Pad--check  out  their  website--you  WILL  be  jealous!   I  was  told  about  this  cool  little  rubber  stamp  store  plus  from  Marlynn.  So  if  you're  ever  in  New York City,  make  sure  you  go--you  won't  be  disappointed.  Thanks  Marlynn!!


Janet Ghio said...

Nice organizing!! I like orderind from the Dick Blick catalog--in person, it is just too overwhelming!! Like your new stamp!!

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

Since I'm not an online shopper, it never occurred to me that it would be cheaper than in person in the store. I know how excited you were about shopping there, so I hope it didn't spoil the trip too much.

Of course, I have heard both good and not so good things about IKEA, but I would love to visit their organizing section. I have seen so many great storage units, including something called Experit or some such. It has cubes you put together. I do like your shelving units, and the fact they work for you is a big, big bonus. I see you didn't take long getting them assembled and filled. Just glad you are back and have some great memories to fill the brain, along with some goodies to fill your studio.

Dianne said...

Nice shelving... I need to organize my studio better as well...

My Journey to Hope said...

The new storage area looks great! And that stamp is really cool! I am a little jealous. :)

:) Michelle

Martha Lever said...

That is so good o hear about Dick Blick! I don't feel so bad shopping online and not having a store nearby. You shelving looks great!!!! I have that wonderful stamp and I don't know where I got it. She great!

Kelly Berkey said...

Getting organized is so wonderful feeling! I love your new shelves.
I'm a fan of Joji's art and signed up already, even posted it yesterday. I hope I win!
Have a wonderful evening, my studio looks like a disaster but I still want to play so I"m not cleaning up anytime soon.
Have a good week, I'll be working 12 hr days, boo-hoo!

Saschi said...

you are so cute diane! i bet you're excited about autumn? and halloween art!?

"All things French" said...

We don't have "Dick Blick" down-under but we do have Ikea and I love to go there for bits and pieces. I love your new shelving and the baskets are ideal for storing paints etc.

Lynn said...

Oh my so much to comment on. I'd go to Blicks, try out everything, take notes and then go home and go on line to shop!!!! Way to go, no?

Love your Ikea shelves, espec. the one that flips out like a display shelf for the paper. Does it also fold in flat like a regular shelf?
Nice change!

Happy organizing.
Nice stamp too.

Jeanne Nelson said...

Thanks for sharing the heads up on Dick Blick's pricing, Diane. I would have never guessed it would be less expensive online! I adore your new shelving system; makes me want to reorganize my creative chaos. And your little project is looking great!

Micki said...

we don't have Dick Blick in the UK, sounds like an interesting store though ;)

I love Ikea storage, when we bought this house we paid for a set of wardrobes that have interchangeable interiors, love them!!! (cost nearly as much as the house though ;)

Micki x

Dorthe said...

Hi dear Diane,
you got some great units from Ikea, love that shop,too-
and your stamped piece-wonderfull,-- have to visit the web shop--
can`t wait to see, what it ends up being :)
Wish you a super monday,-hugs,Dorthe

Healing Woman said...

This was a fun filled post. Thanks for the info on Dick Blick. I do shop with them online and love their products. It would be thrilling to walk up and down the store isles but I'd do as another person said, get prices and order online.

The bookshelves are streamlined and efficient looking.

Last but not least, your stamped creation is wonderful.

Thanks for the interesting post~

Cathy Bueti said...

Diane the new shelves look fab! My hubby helped me set up our spare bedroom into a studio space for me and I need to keep it organized! I love the new shelves. Since I am so new to art I had no idea the difference that having a space to go create would be!

I have never been to Dick Blick but always wanted to go. I am in NY so I may have to check out the one in NYC next time I am there. Thanks for letting us know about the pricing! And I have never tried stamping but that store looks great. I will have to start incorporating stamps into my work. :) I hear it can be addicting! lol

So glad you had a great time!

Buffy said...

Glad you had fun,love your new shelves. Very nice. Also love the stamp. Can't wait to see that one finished.

Halle said...

Great shelves! Now you more room for supplies!

Terri Kahrs said...

So interesting about Dick Blick! Who knew that even with the shipping, items cost less shopping from the catalog!!! LOVE your new storage shelves! Great post today, Diane!!! Hugs, Terri xoxo

Tammie Lee said...

oh wow, Dick Blick in person. I also would like the catalog and the discounts they offer, like 20% off etc. So I do understand your disappointment. But to see the colors etc. would be so helpful!
Your art is coming along wonderfully. and congrats on your new shelves. I need something like that!

Outstanding Stranger said...

Hi Diane...just wanted to stop by and say Hi...Diane

Anonymous said...

Your new area looks fantastic! I love the baskets. And now..I wish we had an art store like that here! My hubby is glad we don't!

Emelie said...

Yes, I have been there also, but mostly when I have to see it before I buy it. Your are truely organized, not I but I will follow your good example. (shortly) (in a day or so)

Your new art iw really wonderful, just right it seems and your not done. I know now your really getting ideas and wanting to accomplish a lot for up coming shows.

kluless said...

The new shelves turned out GREAT and love the baskets, too. Isn't it funny how one piece of furniture can make a room look larger than another. As for storing the loose scrapbook papers, I use those milk-crate style crates than you can use hanging files in. I like that I can pick it up and move to a different table where I'm working. Mine is always crammed full (LOL!) so I've never had any trouble with the pages flopping and getting bent.

Marilyn Rock said...

Glad you had a great shopping spree. I know what you're saying about the actual Blick store; I've never been but once went to the Golden's store which is about 2 1/2 hours away from me and was very disappointed. Prices weren't any cheaper; I do better here at home. Anyway; your IKEA shelving is super. Love your new stamp, too. xxoo

Melissa said...

Hi Diana, it's great to meet you. Loving your beautiful art! I wish I could get my studio more organized, but I'd have to move the walls out....somehow I don't think that's gonna happen right now. :) Oh well!


Faerie Moon Creations said...

Sorry the shopping trip wasn't all it promised to be. But at least you found some great shelving units for your studio. I really need to reorganize my space! Thanks for sharing the sneak peek at your latest work - can't wait to see it finished!!! Theresa


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