Monday, July 30, 2012

Who Are You?

That's  the  name  of  my  new  online  class  that  I'm  taking  with  Jodi  Ohl  over  at  the  Artful  Gathering  ning  site.    It's  all  about  whimsical  owls--something  new  for  me.   I've  been  liking  all  of  these  owls  popping  up  everywhere,  so  I  decided  to  give  them  a  try.   But  what  I  also  like  about  this  class  are  the  background  techniques  that  we  start  out  with--

---great  texture  and  very  quick  to  accomplish.     I  really  like  the  layers  that  you  start out  with  because  they   always  come  peeking  through  the  finished  piece,  and   I've  now  fallen  in  love  with painting  owls--   

And  I  did  what  I  always  do  with  my  favorite  pieces---

 : )

So  I'm  making  this  short---I'm  getting  ready  to  leave  for  the  rest  of  the  week.    I'm  so  excited--I'm  going  to  the  Highway  127  sale--700  miles  of  flea  markets  and  garage  sales  starting  on  Thursday  until  Sunday  from  dawn  to  dusk--it's  awesome!    This  will  be  the  third  time  that  we've  gone  there,  and  the  state  of  Tennessee  is  our  favorite  place  to  find  good  sales.   We're  ending  with  a  side  trip  to  Nashville--looking  forward  to  that  too!

I  hope  I  find  this  booth  when  I'm  there--

--because  we  love  to  haggle too! (what  a  fun  word...)


Faygie Fellig said...

love it.

Debby said...

These are gorgeous.

NatashaMay said...

Wow! That's a lot of ground to cover. Are you taking a truck for all the stuff you'll buy? :)) Owls are looking fabulous!

Becca said...

Love the owls Diane!
Have fun!

Janet Ghio said...

Darling owls and have fun at the big sale--would love to go!!

Cathy Bueti said...

Love these owls Diane!!! So cute!! And you already know how much I love those backgrounds! ;) I took a class with Jodi Ohl last year and she is a great!

Have a blast at the big sale!!


Dianne said...

Love these! They are adorable! Have fun on your trip!

Terry said...

These are great. I love the backgrounds on them as well, and your little owls are fabulous.

Dorthe said...

Dear Diane, your little owls are oh so cute, so darling,and used on your blocks they live in their true element :-)
Happy vacation.

Kathy said...

Love your owls, like everything you touch, it turns to gold!
Can't wait to hear about the trip and your finds. Be safe and have fun and buy lots!! 8+)

Gloria said...

Have fun Diana. Great work on your owls. Take care.

Janie Husband said...

such fun owls.......have a fun trip

Tammie Lee said...

your owls are charming as can be

700 miles of sales
that is amazing
have a wonderful time!

Jen @Sadie Inspired said...

Such adorable, sweet owls! It is always so much fun to take classes. I have a whole list of classes I want to take. Adding Jodi to the list! :)

sharon said...

I am super jealous of your trip, but have loads of fun, and I know you will be finding all kinds of things to transform!
Your owls are sooo adorable, love them to pieces!

Marja's Stamp Addiction en Marja's Creativity said...

Diane this is such a great art work. Love the owls very much but also your other work. Really marvelous. I will follow your work for sure.
Lovely greet

Anonymous said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE! So cute I just did an owl too so when I saw the word owl I was so excited to see what you've done I have been on vacation so sorry I haven't had a chance to comment

Isabel said...

Love these owls:O) Love the color:O)


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