Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Back From Highway 127!

It's  so  good  to  be  back  in  weather  where  I'm  not  melting  anymore.   We  had  a  good  time,  but  it  was  very  very  hot,  and   for  the  most  part  rainy--but  none  of  these  factors  stopped  me  from  doing  some  serious  shopping.

This  is  what  we  saw  for  miles  and  miles--these  clusters  of  flea  markets  jam-packed  with  soooo   much  good  stuff--it  was  overwhelming.

I'll  show  you  some  of  the  best  that  I  found--

....vintage  items  from  the  past  that  have  been  forgotten---I  always  want  to  rescue  them--especially  the  photos--who  gives  away  their  family  photos  anyway??

...more  fun  "rusty  gold"  items--I'm  a  sucker  for  old  hardware--I  have  pounds  of  it--enough  to  last  me  for  2  lifetimes...

....and  look  at  these  large  spools  and  bobbins---I've  never  seen  a  booth  like  this....he  had  every  size  and  shape  of  spools  and  bobbins  that  you  could  imagine--I  wonder  if  I'll  ever  see  this  booth  again...

.....and  please  help  me.....I  can't  stay  away  from  children's  blocks.....I  Love  them!!

There's  more....lots  more....but  these  items  were  my  most  favorite.  

They're all  put  away  now--I'm  becoming  very  organized  with  storing  everything,  which  I'm  really  proud  of.   These  are  my  art  supplies  and  tools  for  helping  me  make  pieces  like  these--

I  mix  the  old  and  the  new  to  make  these  fun  little  shadowboxes....and  they  all  started  out  like  this--

These  6 x 6  gallery  canvases  flipped  over  to  become  the  shadowboxes  that  you  see.

And  before  I  leave--I  also  wanted  to  show  you  where  we  went  in  Nashville--no  flea  markets,  but  other  very  cool  places--

For  you  American  Picker  fans--this  is  Antique  Archaeology--Mike  and  Frank's  second  store  that  they  opened  up  in  Nashville,  and  yes--you're  seeing  this  right--a  line  to  get  in--the  place  was  too  crowded,  so  we  had  to  wait  about  20  minutes.  I  saw  some  of  the  actual  items  that  they  picked  on  the  program--very  fun  place!!

The  Hermitage  Place  (aka  Andrew  Jackson's  plantation)  Photography  wasn't  allowed  inside--too  bad,  because  it  was  beautiful, and  95%  of  the  home's  furnishings  were  authentic,  right  down  to  the  wallpaper  on  the  walls.

...and  finally  a  backstage  tour  of  the  Grand  Ole  Opry--Loved  this!!---What  a  great  history  to  this  place!

Tennessee  is  a  beautiful  place  to  visit,  and  we  had  a  fun  time.....and  the  Highway 127  sale  was  just  icing  on  the  cake!


roc said...

How wonderful of a trip you had. Looks like you found lots of great things, too!

Cathy Bueti said...

Looks like you had an awesome time and your new shadow boxes are fab!! My husband loves american pickers! I will have to show him this post so he can see the pic of their store!

Very cool!


Janet Ghio said...

This looks like so much fun1 You got some great stuff!

Netty said...

wowee you certainly bought some wonderful things, how fab. Loving your canvas makes, so beautiful. Annette x

Lisa Graham Art said...

This is a wonderful recap of your time in Tennessee. I love Tennessee too...many fond memories of the Smokey Mts. You found some magnificent items for your wonderful art work! I bet you are going to be creating up an even bigger storm than usual with all those goodies!! So glad you had so much fun Diane!

Cameron said...

Wow! What a great eye you have for finding treasures!

...and how cool to see those famous and historical sites!

So glad you had fun :)

Kathy said...

Oh what a wonderful trip!! Those are exactly the places I would have visited and thank you for sharing.
Can't wait to see how you use those old flashbulbs (?). I have a stash of them because they were interesting enough to make me buy them but so far I haven't been inspired to use any of them.

Dianne said...

What a great trip! What goodies you brought home! Love the shadow boxes!

Healing Woman said...

I love it every year when you post your flea market trip. Those shadow boxes came out wonderful. So much fun..I almost feel as though I were with you on the journey!

Anonymous said...

Seems like you've had so much fun and I am so glad!!!

CraftyViolet said...

Great haul! It's all pretty much the same stuff I would have bought - especially the spools, and the old photos, and the old glasses - see what I mean.

Faerie Moon Creations said...

Wow! Those are some serious treasures you found. I know you will find an amazing way to use it all. Like with those adorable awesome! Thanks for sharing a bit of your trip!

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

So did you get to haggle? You found some wonderful pieces, things that would be cost prohibitive where I live, like $6.00 for a light bulb like the longer one you used in one of your shadowboxes.

I like how you incorporate new with old. I was wondering what the "handles" were made of. They look quite sturdy.

Sounds like you had fun in Nashville. What I remember most was the train station turned hotel that I stayed in while at a convention one year. BTW, I have no idea what Pickers is. But from your description, it sounds like your kind of place to visit.

Linda said...

OMG that trip must have been a blast. So much stuff to look at. Did your eyes finally start to glaze over toward the end? My bank card and I would have both been on overload.

Anjas-Artefaktotum said...

Thanks for sharing the beautiful photos of your wonderful trip with all the treasures you've found.I'm excited what you will do with these pieces.
Hugs Anja


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