Thursday, August 30, 2012

Painting Furniture Again

I  haven't  done  this  in  a  while,  and  I  wanted  to  take  some  with  me  for  my  show  next  week,  so  I  started  digging  around  in  my  garage  to  see  what  I  could  find  ( I  have  no  idea  what's  in  there---I  forget  what  I  get  the  minute  I  put  it  in  there).
So  here's  what  I  came  up  with--this  folding  chair--
Actually,  this  isn't  the  chair  that  I  painted--I  forgot  to  get  a  before  shot  of  the  real one,  but  this  one  is  very  similar  with  its  looks  and  condition  of  the  one  that  I  did  paint.   I  painted  a  layer  of  cream  acrylic  wash  over  it,  and  then  put  down  my  "background"--just  like  a  canvas--
....and  then  finished  it  with  these  poppies--
This  is  the  first  time  that  I've  painted  poppies,  but  it  won't  be  the  last--I  really  enjoyed  painting   them,  and  I  love  how  the  red  just  pops.
And  the  next  piece  was  this  little  half  table--
It  already  had  the  black  bottom  on  it--so  I  kept  that  and  just  did  the  top--
This  time  I  collaged  on  some  vintage  pages  with  a  cream  color  wash  over  it  (just  like  a  canvas).  As  long  as  you  seal  the  furniture  with  protective  coats  of  varnish,  you  can  pretty  much  do  what  you  would  do  on  any  other  substrate. 
So  I  had  so  much  fun  painting  those  poppies--I  decided  to  do  them  again--  those  poppies! 
I've  said  this  before--don't  get  rid  of  those  old  furniture  pieces--instead  play  around  with  them  and  see  what  you  can  come  up  with--if anything--it's  a  great  way  to  try  new  things.
And  one  more  thing--I  forgot  to  post  this  pic  last  time.   A  couple  of  weeks  ago  was  Zoie's  christening,  and  she  was  such  a  good  little  baby--
But  then,  she's  always  good,  and  she's  growing  like  crazy--it's  hard  to  believe  that  she'll  be  5  months  old  next  week  already......and  boy,  she  sure  does  love  those  fingers!


rachel awes said...

love your zoie + poppies!!
(+ adore the blue + white check of that chair!) leave everything sweeter than how you find it xox

Bren said...

She is just adorable!
And you know I love the furniture pieces that you've done, you won't have them for long at your next show!

Gloria said...

Hi diane. Love your chair and table and you did great with the poppies. Great job and hope all has been good for you. Good to see you.

Janie Husband said...

diane your pieces are gorgeous and so is the baby....i love grand babies....

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

Oh wow. I have a half table EXACTLY like that one. Except mine is still wood stained. I like the poppies and can't believe how much time and work you put into that background on the chair. I'm in awe.

Your grand daughter is adorable. What a great picture of her AND her fingers (grin).

Cameron said...

Gorgeous, gorgeous poppies!! Those furniture pieces are true pieces of art now....and oh-so-pretty!

Your energy amazes me :)

....and sweet cute with those fingers :)

Kathy Van Osdale said...


Jennifer said...

Gorgeous! I've noticed more painted furniture popping up lately. I used to do this but I couldn't get the business going as far as collecting the pieces then traveling to fairs to sell them. I did a lot of commissioned pieces. It's nice to see them coming back and I love yours!

Kim Mailhot said...

So cool ! I especially love the table and those poppies !
Happy Creating !

Dawn said...

Loving the furniture and the poppies are amazing as are both the back grounds you chose for them the checker style I wasn't keen on and then with the addition of the poppies it just WORKS! xx

Kathy said...

LOVE the way the poppies "pop"!!
Enjoy that baby girl, she is a sweetie!

sharon said...

The poppies are gorgeous, love your furniture pieces! The baby is so beautiful and precious....enjoy!

Isabel said...

Great job on those poppies:O) Love what you are creating on furniture as always so inspiring:O)

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Giggles said...

Gorgeous revamps!! Love the colors, so vivid and fun!! So rewarding to recycle a piece of furniture!! I love it!! Good job!!

Hugs Giggles

Artsy VaVa said...

Your table is gorgeous!

Marcia Clark said...

Love your poppies! What kind of paint do you use on furniture? I’m doing a grandfather clock and had you finish with satin polo Yer? I


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