Monday, November 4, 2013

Playing With Painted Papers

One  of  the  ways  I  like  to  relax  is  to  get  out  my  paint  and  other art  supplies,  and  just  play  around  on  paper--just  for  the  sake  of  it.  I  know  in  my  mind  that  I'm  doing  it  for  a  reason,  but  in  the  moment--I'm  just  playing.   It's  my  way  of  journaling,  and  I  know  that  these  papers  will  not  go  to  waste---as  all  mixed  media  artists  know---nothing  goes  to  waste.
And  while  I  was  in  the  middle  of  painting  these--I  had  a  delivery  from  Stencil Girl--perfect  timing!
I  just  love  what  you  can  achieve  with  stencils--layered  or  all  by  themselves.   The  paper  on  the  left  I  made  using  just  one  stencil  from  Stencil  Girl  designed  by  Carolyn  Dube--I  know  this  stencil  will  be  going  into  my  'favorite  stencil  pile'!

So  here's  what  I  did  with  my  papers......I  started  out  with  an  8 x8 wood  cradle  board  (with  nice  deep  edges)  and  cut  out  pieces  of  my  papers  and  arranged  them  until  I  liked  the  results  and  then  got  out  my  gel  medium--

....added  a  little  paint  and  stamping,  but  I  knew  I  wanted  more,  so  I  started  looking  through  my  vast  array  of  flea  market  finds--hardware  in  this  case--

I  usually  like  the  rusty/patina  look  of  vintage hardware,  but  I  wanted  to  give  them  a  whimsy  look  to  go  with  the  piece,  so  I  just  got  out  my  acrylic  paints  and  there  you go!
What  I  did  next  was  take  another  8 x 8  cradle  board  and  flipped  it  over  to  make  a  shadowbox--
.....using  more  flea  market  finds--a  little  fairy  doll--love  this  porcelain  doll  that  I  found  earlier  this  summer.  Here  she  is  in  her  finished  home--
....again  using  my  papers  for  the  background  of  the  piece--along  with  a  washi  tape  border--gotta  love  that  washi  tape!

Okay,  next  I  decided  to  collage  on  a  plain  wood  mirror  frame  (love  making  the  functional  art  pieces)

--with  more  flea  market  finds  for  embellishments....
...loved  how  this  turned  out!
So  these  3  pieces  were  all  made  with  collaged  papers--

But  what  makes  them  more  unique  is  that  they were  all  made  with  my  hand-painted  papers--kind  of  like  painting  with  paper.   This  is  such  a  fun  technique,  and  you  can  never  have  a  'bad'  painted  paper--when  cut  up,  they  always  come  together  nicely........and  any  kind  of  paper  will  do  for  painting  too--try  it!!


Keith@ Vintage Crab Jewelry and Crafts said...

I love your whimsical art. It brightens up a dreary day!

Cameron said...

Always so colorful and happy around here! Love the new pieces, Diane :)

Juls said...

Fabulous papers ... I love just playing!! Your creations ... Love the polka dot door handle. Hugs Juls

Marianne said...

Fabulous!! Great artwork and love the colors!!
xxx Marianne

CraftyViolet said...

Love all of these. You are right about painted papers always being useful. I painted some and forgot to dry inbetween spraying so I got some lovely brown shades but kept playing with them until I liked them better. When cut down for a card they look great - but as a 12x12, not so good!

Kim Mailhot said...

Wow ! You are making great uses of all your treasures ! Fabulous !
Happy Wednesday !

Bouguereau said...

how creative!!!

Bren Graham Thebeau said...

Love those papers, especially the one on the far right. You just never stop creating the most wonderful things!

Blue Lily Design said...

Love the papers, the colors are so vibrant. How do you get them so bold and not "melt" into each other on your gelli plate? Love the piece with the door knob. You are so creative!

Have a great day!

Rebeca Trevino said...

hey diane
long time no see!
hope you are well and still enjoying making your art.

these 3 pieces are lovely! i especially love the green poka-dot door knob piece.

take care!


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