Monday, May 19, 2014

What to do With All of These Painted Papers

I've  been  painting  again--papers--it's  very  addictive!  This  time  I  started  with  my  Gelli  Plate--  was  my  paint,  stencils,  stamps,  marking  tools,  and  whatever  was  at  hand--

...enough  already--time  to  start  putting  these  papers  to  use--

And  then  I  decided  to  add  a  little  variation  with  these  next  collages--

...using  images  of  my  owls,  a  book  page  from  a  child's  dictionary,  and  some  embellies...


still  had  more  papers--so  more  playing--...some  fun  with  molding  paste

...and  also  fun  with  rolled  papers--

So  by  this  time,  all  I  had  left   were  a  bunch  of  bits  and  pieces--but  I  kept  going--

And  there's  more  left--I  have  a  box  full  of  painted  paper  scraps,  and  they'll  always  come  in  handy  eventually.

These  pieces  were  fun  from  beginning  to  end--all  by  starting  out  with  those  blank  pieces  of  paper  and  just  letting  my  muse  take  over--love  making  this  kind  of  art!


Fuzzie Fingers said...

What luscious painted papers and put to such a good use. It's lovely to see such lovely colourful creations.

CrimsonLeaves said...

I so love visiting your blog; everything you create sings to my soul. I think I figured out what I am missing...muses.

CraftyViolet said...

Your art happen to be one of my greatest inspirations. Love it!

When I feel uninspired I just look through a folder on my desktop where I have saved a lot of your photos and then I seem to get ideas - not copies of yours, but a starting point!

Jill Jacobsen said...

WOWSER!!! I just love what you did with your gelli papers....I just got inspired to go use my stash! Thanks so much for sharing.

Anonymous said...

You are incredible, you just are!! there is nothing out there that is quite like the work you produce. I just love how bold and innovative it is.

Jan said...

Beautiful multilayered papers! And what wonderful art you created from them. Just beautiful!

Theresa Plas said...

Wonderful! Love the vibrancy in each piece!

Anonymous said...

What did you use for the surface? Wood, or canvas?
Thanks! Love your work!

anat goldich said...

Great post


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