Thursday, May 1, 2014

Painting to Make Art or Art Journal Pages or Etc.

That's  what  I've  been  up  to  these  past  couple  of  weeks.   I'll  always  put  art  journal pages  in  my  blog  titles--I  don't  really  have  any  art  journals (just  LOTS  of  idea  sketchbooks),  but  I  know  that  what  I'm  showing  here  could  also  be  great  for  journal  pages--especially  if  you're  just  starting  out  and  trying  new  art  supplies  and  techniques--art  journals  are  a  great  way  to  start--to  learn.

So  on  140lb  cold  press  watercolor  paper  this  is  how  I  warmed  up--

....laid  down  some  paint  with  layers  of  stencils  and  stamping....and  then--

I  first  sketched  a  design  using  my  General's  sketch  and  wash  pencil.   It's  a  water  soluble  pencil--so  if  you  don't  like  what you  draw,  just  take  a  little  water  to  wipe  it  away.   There's  lots  of  pencils  like  this  out  in  the  market,  but  this  one,  for  whatever  reason,  is  my  favorite  one  to  use.    And  then  when  I  liked  what  I  did,  I  went  over  the  pencil  lines  with  my  black  marker  pen  (Faber-Castel  pitt  pen)--then  I  blocked  out  the  design  with  more  acrylic  paint--basically,  painting  the  background  to  bring  the  main  design  out  into  the  foreground.

So  I  kept  going--

I  added  more  paint  (brought  in  the  violet  color)--some  more  design  elements  in  the  tree,  flowers,  and  birds,  added  a  sun.  And  I  also  used  my  Prisma  NuPastel  chalk  sticks.  I  have  a  couple  different  brands  of  chalk  pastels,  but  again,  these  are  my  favorite  to use--just  love  that  rich  color!

Finishing  touch--putting  it  into  a  frame--

Some  more  watercolor  paper--and  some  more  painting--

lots  of  doodling  this  time--I  call  this  one  "Gossip  Girls"  : )   (I  always  wonder  what  those  birds  are  chirping  about  in  my  neighborhood!)

And  remember  I  said  that  I  had  lots  of  sketchbooks  with  my  ideas  inside--they  always  come  in  handy  for  when  I'm  looking  for  inspiration--

....and  more  framing....

.......and more  painting....

This  one  took  a  little  longer---struggling  with  that  face--but  in  the  end --all  good...

So  this  is  what  I've  been  dong  since  I  last  blogged,  and  oh  yes,  the  most  important  thing---we  have  a  new  grandson!

Anthony Louis  (Tj for short)--8lbs. 3oz.--born  on  April  26,  and  I  was  there  for  the  whole  thing--amazing!!  He's  a  little  doll!


Annette G said...

congratulations on your beautiful new grandson Diane.

Loving all of your wonderful art pieces, great designs and colours.
Annette x

Linda said...

Congratulations on your adorable new grandson. Your art is absolutely gorgeous!

scrapwordsmom said...

WOW! your work is stunning. I mean that. Everytime I stop by I am blown away by your talent. Those houses are adorable. I love your use of color. That is so hard for me!!

Keep on sharing!!


Suztats said...

Congrats on your new wee family member! I enjoyed seeing your paintings!

CrimsonLeaves said...

Congratulations to your family on the birth of TJ!! He is a little doll, indeed! Love each of the paintings but those trees...the violet color...Simply beautiful!

Kim Mailhot said...

Your art is so vibrant and juicy, Diane ! Love your use of color on these pages/pieces.
Congratulations on your new grandson ! What a cutie !
Happy May !


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