Friday, June 20, 2014

A New Start to Finish with New Textured Hand-painted Papers

Been  super  busy--really  getting  ready for  my  summer  shows--but  I  decided  to  take  some  time  for  my neglected  blog  by  showing  you  my  latest  piece,  and  a  little  bit  of  a  tell-all  on  how  I  made  it.   So  here's  my  latest  piece--

Oh--I  just  love  these  vibrant  colors!

But  I'll  take  you  back  to  the  beginning--I  got  out  my  110  cardstock  paper  (bought  it  at  Staples),  and  my  gel  medium  and  molding  paste.....and  a  texture  tool.....and  a  stencil.

The  orange  one  on  top  was  what  I  used  my  molding  paste  for--just  laid  my  stencil  over  the  un-painted  paper  and  scraped  the  paste  over  the  stencil  with  a  palette  knife.   And  then  when  it  was  dry,  I  just  added  my  paint--lots  of  layers  for  the  depth--that's  why  I  love  using  this  cardstock--it  will  stand  up  to  anything!
And  the  bottom  two,  I  just  randomly  applied  a  fairly  heavy  coat  of  gel  medium  over  the  paper,  and  used  my  texture  tool (a  hair  pick)  to  make  random  designs.   When  dry, I  added  my  paints  and  stencils--really  turned  out  great.

Still  painting  papers--

Still  going  for  texture  with  the  corrugated  cardboard  and  the  textured  wallpaper,  and  love  this  book  page.   I  found  the  book  at  a  recent  garage  sale--it's  like  6 x 20--very  cool  size.

So  next...........

....time  to  start  playing  with  this  10 x 20  gallery  canvas.

The  start  of  it--

I  collaged  pages  from  one  of  my  favorite  books  (another  garage  sale  find  from years  ago--I  use  it  ALL  the  time)  with  Golden  Matte  Medium,  and  then  added  the  yellow  wash  of  paint  to  it.

Getting  my  'frame'  on  it--

...with  all  of  these  wonderfully-textured  papers.

And  then  I  added  the  main  design  (the  birds).  And  then  I  like  to  outline  my  collaged  papers  with  my  Faber-Castell  black  brush  pitt  pen.   It  really  makes  everything  pop--

and  it  gives  it  that  stained  glass  look

And  I  didn't  forget  about  the  sides  either!

And  that's  how  I  did  it!   I'll  call  this  post  part  1--I'll  show  you  more  in  my  'part  2'  post.


Carmen Whitehead said...

It's fantastic Diane! I'm definitely going to try your texturing technique! thanks for sharing.

Sunny Lee said...

Very lovely painting :) Have fun at the Summer Show ;)

Annette said...

Oh you so inspire me and thanks for sharing so much to us xoxoxoxo

CrimsonLeaves said...

Diane, I never tire of seeing your beautiful work. My piece hangs right above me as I sit at the computer. You have an amazing imagination to think so creatively and out of the box. Everything comes together is such a beautiful way.

Alie Hoogenboezem-de Vries said...

Such a stunning creation Diane! Very artistic!
greetings, Alie

Gabrielle Fabian said...

Wonderful piece and a treat of a post Diane. Thanks so much for sharing your process with us, I just love your work.

Anonymous said...

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Jan said...

Beautiful piece you have created! I love your tutorial and will have to give it a try. Thanks so much for sharing

Susie Bentz said...

Just gorgeous!

Tina said...

It's lovely. Your work in creating papers is fascinating to me. List your shows so I can choose my next piece!
Blessings Tina


Diane: es usted fantástica, me encantan sus pinturas, sobre todo la combinación de los papeles de scrap con mix media. Creo que me va a inspirar mucho gracias por mostrar el proceso creativo, es muy inspirador.
Saludos desde España.

Jackie Gregory said...

beautiful piece nice combination of colors. love your work


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