Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Another Mini Step by Step Tutorial

This  one  is  pretty  much  the  same  as  my  last  piece,  but  it  involves  a  little  assemblage  this  time.

I  started  out  the  same  way  as  before  (from  my  previous  post)  with  a  6 x 12  wood  cradle  board--

...collaged  book  pages  and  color  over  top  of  it,  and  then--

I  added  a  border  with  my  papers--love  how  they  come  together..

I  went  through  my  stash  of  old  hardware--I  have  so  much  of  this  stuff--I'm  a  bit  obsessed  with  it--I  love  looking  at  the  different  designs  and  detail--always  different--so  back  to  what  I  did  with  these--

....first--I  painted  all  the  pieces  with  regular  acrylic  paint ( to whimsy them up a bit)-- then  sprayed  a  finish  over  them.

Always  love  the  possibilities  of  these little  goodies  that  I  find.

..what  they  can  become...

That  was  fun!--so  you  know  I  just  had  to  do  it  again!

When  I  make  these,  I  always  gather  my  papers  that  I  want  to  use  first,  and  the  papers  give  me  a  sense  of  where  I  want  to  go,  and  that's  how  this  angel  came  about.

I'm  still  playing  with  my  papers--more  in  the  next  post--stay  tuned.......


Susanna said...

Wau! Beautiful and lovely art piece!! I love it!

Sue Marrazzo said...


Jenni Mills said...

Lovely work. Hmmm. You are giving me ideas about what to do with that box of trinkets I've been saving because I can't let them go.

espe said...

i love it!


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