Friday, March 6, 2015

Latest Work

I'm  been  making  lots  of  art  these  last  few  weeks--the  weather  is  SOOO  cold  (in hibernation mode)--so  this  is  what  I  do  when  it's  like  this--play  in  my  art  room,  with  thoughts  of  getting  ready  for  my  upcoming  show  season.

latest  funky  village

some  new  coffee  art

.....and  making  boxes....

And,  I've  also  been  loving  my  new  book  by  Jane  Davenport--"Drawing and Painting Beautiful Faces".   She's  been  inspiring  me--

And  this  is  just  a  little bit  of  what  I've  been  up  to.

For  you  local  readers  (PA , NY,  and  Ohio)  I'll be  listing  my  shows  within  the  next  month  on  my  sidebar...and  NEW  this  year--I'm  going  to  be  teaching  a  workshop!  I'm  a  little  nervous,  but  excited  about  it.   We'll  be  painting  our  own  papers  and  them  making  something  with  them--that's  in  September  (I'll  list  that  too).

And  oh  yeah,  what  else  is  keeping  me  busy??

this  little  cutie--my  grandson  Tj--I  watch  him  twice  a  week,  and  he  likes  to  remind  me  that  I'm  not  as  young  as  I  used  to  be  : )


froebelsternchen Susi said...

Amazing ARTWORK ist this all -wow! Your little grandson is sooo cute!!!!!!!!!

Rachael Farmer said...

GORGEOUS! i'm hooked on your designs - they make me incredibly happy to look at! The colours completely speak to me and make me smile. If I ever EVER make something so lovely just ONCE I promise I'll do the happy dance of the millennium!I'm still so happy that I found your blog. Gonna go look at it some more now..... Hugs from Shroo to you and your adorable grandson :)

Janie Husband said...

Beautiful Art......gorgeous grandso... I babysit my granddaughter a couple of days a week also, Diane...... I'm tired.....😉

CrimsonLeaves said...

Anytime is Coffee Time...I Should Live in a Castle...I do so love especially these two pieces! Your grandson is adorable!

Tina said...

Oh what a cutie, that Grandboy..
Excited to see your show list and would love to participate in the workshop. Looks like an awesome season coming.

stefanie stark said...

I love your art! Everytime I'm visiting your blog I scroll up and down and up and down and repeating this for so many times. Can't get enough from seeing these beautiful pictures and boxes and frames etc. Your little grandson is adorable!

heather gilmour said...

Your art pieces are gorgeous! So bright and colourful!

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~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

He sure is a sweetie pie and I know you enjoy spending time with him. Every time I see one of your gorgeous boxes, I jump over to Etsy to see if it's listed! One of these days I would love to have one! Happy Spring sweet friend. Hugs, Diane

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