Monday, December 7, 2015

My Etsy Shop Is Open!

Now  that  my  show  season  is  over (Wow!  I need  a  little  break!) ,  I'm  opening  up  my  Etsy  shop--actually  it  was  never  closed,  it  was  just  empty.  But  not  anymore--you'll  find  all of  these  listed--

....some  of  my  6 x 6 canvas  art  pieces--

....also  some  originals--

and  an  assemblage  piece--

....and  also  2  boxes--

You  can  find  them  all  HERE in my  Etsy  shop    
There's  still  time  to  order  for  Christmas--they  make  great  gifts, and  all are  one  of  a  kind.  Thank  you  all  for  supporting  us  artists  and  our  art  and  helping  us  do  what  we  love  to  do the  most!


Frk. Bogstad said...

Holy cow, you've been working :D
Very lovely canvas's, all of them.

Esperanza said...

I like them very much. Really beautiful! Hugs!

Chris Lally said...

Beautiful pieces - a feast for the eyes. Best of luck with your store!

Lindsey said...

These are truly whimsical and unique, unlike anything I’ve seen before! I really appreciate your colourful style and it shows how much work and care you put into every piece. I think these would work as a great present for someone who is in love with vintage and collage pieces. I have already eyed a couple canvases that will be perfect for my mother in law's birthday. Thanks for sharing and good luck with the shop!


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