Friday, July 29, 2016


That's  what  I've  been  doing  lately--repurposing--I like  that  word.   And  in  this  case,  it's  been  old  cupboard  doors  that  I've  found  in  flea  markets  and  garage  sales--

.....first  thing  I  did  was  paint  the  tulips  and   next  I  'framed'  it--

...with  scraps  of  my  painted  papers--one  of  the reasons  why  I  like  working  on  these  doors  so  much--they  have  their  own  frames  

A  couple  more  that  I  worked  on--

This  is  what  I  like  to  do-- Repurpose  :-)


jinxxxygirl said...

Repurpose does sound a little better than upcycle doesn't it. :) Love what you have done herer Diane.Love, love, love.... Hugs! deb

CraftyViolet said...

Love your repurposed cupboard doors! So creative.

Laurie Sikorowski said...

How very creative! Really nice :)

Juls said...

Amazing works of art, loving the apple & the pear .. Really fun projects xx


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