Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Start to Finish Painting

Watch  my  process--I  started  out  with  a  12 x 24 wood cradle  board.

My  favorite  are  the  deep  edged  ones,  and  they  come  in  all  sizes.   I'm  really liking  working  on  wood  a  lot  more  than  canvas  lately  especially for  collage  (less chance  for  air  bubbles).

So  first,  I  made  a  background--

 This  is  a  fun  part--just  play  and  experiment,  because  if  you  don't  like  it,  you  can  paint  over  it--just  like  painting  papers--you  can't  mess  up.

And  this  is  where  my  background  becomes  part  of  my  foreground--

.....and  then  adding  in  the  details...

And  still  more  playing--this  time  I'm  seeing  elephants--

These  guys  needed  to  be  on  a  box,  and  I  had  the  perfect  cigar  box  for  them.

This  is  such  a  fun  way  to  paint--you  can  keep  it  abstract  or  keep  going--there's  no  right  or  wrong.


Snap said...

Fun Fun Fun!!!

EmK said...

Holy smokes, this art is awesome! I love the style. And also, why am I not decorating more cigar boxes?! Lol. Thanks for sharing!!

Donna Holdsworth said...

Beautiful Diane! Love the elephants. Thanks for sharing!

CrimsonLeaves said...

Oh Diane! I love it all. Really love the pears!!

Braveartgirl said...

As always I LOVE your work and I LOVE it when you share your process. It is ALWAYS very inspiring to me!

Trace L Hentz said...

I am so inspired by this!


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