Wednesday, December 7, 2016

My Etsy Shop is Open

Just  in  time  for  Christmas--I've  put  some  of  my  art  in  my  Etsy  shop.  You  can  find  all of  these--

In  case  I  don't  get  back  before  Christmas--wishing  you  all  a  wonderful  Holiday,  and  thank  you  so  much  for  supporting  me  with  your  visits  and  comments--ALWAYS  appreciated!


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Lindsey said...

Your creations are really unique and they stand out. I wouldn’t hesitate to buy any of these pieces for a family member or a friend. They all love colourful art work, and yours is truly one of a kind. What I appreciate about your art is the words you add to complete the painting. It conveys a deeper meaning that doesn’t go unnoticed!

Lindsey @ Nosto Solutions Ltd


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