Friday, April 7, 2017

Playing With Paper and Paint

That's  what's  been  taking  up  most  of  my  time  these  days.   Spring  around  here  has been  very  rainy  and  gray  most  of  the  time--so  I  had  to  bring  some  color  into  my  life--with  lots  of  happy  ones--thinking  Spring  in  my  house  if  it  can't  be  outside.

This  makes  me  happy!  I'll show  you  a  little  bit  of  my  process--

This  is  on  a  10 x 29 birch cradle board.  I  cover  the  whole  surface  with  my painted  papers  and  whatever  else  I  have  at  hand.  This  is  where  this  one  ended  up--

Thoughts  of  Spring....
and  here's  another  one  in  process

This  one  is  on  a  6 x 18  cradle board (one  of  my  favorite  sizes  to  work  with).  After  I  collaged  all  of  the  papers  on  to  it  I  sketched  my  design  on  it,  and  then  started  painting--  sunflower  girl--I  liked  her  so  much  that  I  put  her  on  a  6 x 6  canvas  also--

And  one  more --

My  happy  owl  scattering  some  love  :-)

Happy  Spring  everyone!!


CraftyViolet said...

Love your art work. Thanks for showing us your process too.

Autumn Leaves said...

Bold, colorful, and fabulous as always, Diane. Loving the maps peeking through. Heading over to your linked blog for a looksee.

pearshapedcrafting said...

Wow!! I am almost speechless! Such wonderful art - a real treat to visit!

Leisanne said...

so cheerful and inviting. I can relate to grey skies, it has been a rainy start to Spring in London Canada too. But your work brightened my day.

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

It's been far too long since I visited. Your art is as awesome as ever, and these latest pieces are a genuine treat. I love the one with the map behind the lady's face.


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