Monday, May 22, 2017

My 2nd Love

I  really  should  call  it  an  obsession--flea  markets!  I  love searching  for  forgotten  items  from  the  past  and using  them  again  giving  them  a  new  life  in  my  art.

When  I  find  these  (especially  the  vintage  photos),  I  want  to  know  more  of  their  history,  and  who  are  these  people  in  the  photos??  Why  did  they  end  up  in  a  flea  market  of  all places?!  I  want  to  take  them  all  when  I  see them, but  unfortunately  it  would  be way  too many  for  me--so  sad  to  see  these  vintage  family  photos  tossed  aside  like  this.

All  of  these  collage  fodder  goodies  pictured  here  are  courtesy  of  the  Brimfield  Flea  market  that  I  went  to  a couple  of  weeks  ago.  Oh  my  goodness--22  fields  of  flea  markets  all  in  1  place--over  4000  vendors.  It's  6  days  long,  and  we  went  for  3  days--not  nearly  enough  time  to  see  it  all.   If  you  like  flea  markets,  and  you  live  near  Massachusetts,  then  go!

Here's  the  booth  where  I  found  a  lot  of  these  'art  supplies'  in  Brimfield--  can  probably  guess  that  this  was  one  of  my  favorite  booths...

And  as  an  added  bonus,  it's  only  a  couple  of  hours  away  from  New  York  City.   We  spent  a  few  days  there  and  visited  our  son  who  lives  right  in  Manhattan.  He  takes  us  everywhere--a  great  tour  guide.

You  can't  go  to  NYC  without  experiencing  Times  Square--at  least  once  :-)

So  needless  to  say,  we  had  a  great  week!

And  when  I  got  home,  I  was totally  inspired  by  all  of  my  finds--

...and  see  those  images  of  the  vintage  people  in  the  houses?--courtesy  of  Tim  Holtz  Paper  Dolls--

--even  though  they're  not  the  original,  they  come  in  great  for  that  finishing  touch--already  pre-cut,  and  in  different  sizes  too...

they  were  perfect  for  my  latest  box

And  another  find--

Before  and  after  pic--I  found  4  of  these  9 x 9  wood  boards  at  a  booth  (that's  all  he  had).  I  really  like  them  because  of  the  raised  center  that  they have--for  $2.00  each,  I  would  have bought  whatever  he  had  available,  since  wood  is my  favorite  surface  to  work  on.

And  another  one--

I  got  a  lot  to  keep  me  busy  for  a  while!    I  really  love  this time  of  year  around  here--the  weather  is  warmer,  which  means  garage  sales  and  flea  markets  are  starting  up  and  going  strong--makes  me  happy!


Katy said...

Wow! Love your finds and your artwork! :)

jinxxxygirl said...

I have a thing for vintage photos too!! i want to take every one home and i would love to find the families they got separated from...

DUTA said...

I like flea markets too. I also get sad seeing vintage photos tossed away . It has made me think. People should decide on the items dear to them during their lifetime, and not leave it to the heirs to do that.

Leisanne said...

It is sad to think those vintage photos were just cast aside. But you are breathing new purpose in those photos and honoring their memory.
Great work!


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