Monday, May 8, 2017

Poppy Love

Poppies--one  of  my  favorite  flowers  to  paint!--especially  blue  ones!   I  started  warming  up  with  my  background--

.....and  then  the  poppies--

...and  playing  with  my  latest  favorite  supply--these  fineline  applicators--you  fill  them  with  whatever  you want--I like  to  fill them  with  undiluted  fluid   acrylics.   They'll leave  a  little  texture  on  the  surface  that  way--a  nice  effect.

I  added  more  texture  to  this  one  also  with  molding  paste  through  a  stencil  on  the  sun--

and  one  more  painting  which  included  some  more  poppies--

I'm  really  happy  with  these--they're  coming  with  me  in  my  upcoming  shows.   No  more  painting  for  a  few  days  though--I'm  taking  a  little  vacation  to  Massachusetts--the  Brimfield  Flea  market--if  you  know  flea  markets,  then  you'll  know  that this is  a BIG  one--I'm  excited  for  this,  and  it's  my  first  time  there--hope  to  come  back  home  with  lots  of  goodies!


CraftyViolet said...

wonderful projects, as usual! Love the blue poppies.

Catherine Sylvester said...

Beautiful, just beautiful. I love the way you work and your colour choices. Thank you for sharing

Mia said...

Lovely!!! Congratulations from Greece!


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