Tuesday, August 15, 2017

New Mixed Media Tutorial

Hi  everyone!  I have  a  tutorial  for  this  piece  over  at   the  DecoArt  Mixed Media Blog--

It  all  started  out  with  the  doll  head  that  I  had  in  my  art  room  just  staring  at  me  for  the  longest  time--once  she  started  helping  me  create  herself  (because  it  took  a  little  while)--it  was  fun--check  out  my  step-by-step  process  HERE.


Anonymous said...

My little daughter just watched your post and the complete video made by you to show step by step process and she is now having EssayWriter.org Affordable Writing to make a doll like this or better than this so that I could buy her a new gift.

Leisanne said...

I think it was a wise choice to limit you use of color. It allows that textures of the piece really stand out. It's a beautiful piece!


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