Sunday, September 3, 2017

Table Painting

I  don't  do  this  as  often  as  I  would  like  to--paint  furniture--in  this  case  2  very  different  tables  that  I  found  at  flea  markets.  The  first  one  was  one  of  my  favorites  to  find--

a  typewriter  table--definitely  a  memory  from  the  past.  I  love  finding  these  tables  and giving  them  a  new  life--


a  sewing  machine  table--I  gave  it  some  color--

And  then  I  took  my  new  art  and  repurposed  that  on  to  a  cigar  box--

This  is  definitely  my  favorite  way  of  making  art--taking  those  forgotten  items  from  the  past  life,  give  them  a  facelift  and  bringing  them  back  out  into  the  world  again.


Deanna said...

Those are Amazing!!! Love them all!

somewhere on the avenue said...

I love what you have done to these tables, just beautiful x

jinxxxygirl said...

Very lovely pieces... i love what you have done to these... So much old furniture around from days past that will never get used again... I see them at the antique mrkts and flea mrkets all the time .. problem is they always want too much money for them.. i never seem to find really good deals... Love to see these table get back out in the world.. hugs! deb

Dawn said...

Ooo so lovely, shouldn't have favourites, but I have to say mine's the typewriter table!xx

CraftyViolet said...

Love both these pieces. I shared the photo of the typing table that you posted on FB and my friends loved it too.

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Leisanne said...

Beautiful work Diane! I especially love the poppies. That blue is spectacular. Will you keep the tables, or do you plan on selling them?


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