Monday, May 21, 2018

Gel Plate Transfer Image Technique

You  probably  have  seen  these  videos  on  you  tube--image  transfers  using  your  gel  plate,  and  so  have  I,  but  the  one  that  really  caught  my  attention  and  the  most  helpful  to  me  was  Shannon  Green's,  which  you  can  check  out  HERE  She  goes  step  by  step  in  the  process, and  makes  it  look  easy  and  fun,  which  I  found  out,  was!  These  were  my  first  attempts--

I  love  how  these  came  out--that  worn  vintage  look (all  from  a  fashion  magazine!)   So,  with  my  very  first  image  transfer  that  I  did,  I  decided  to  make  an  art  piece--

I  painted  some  papers  and  had  a  small  wood  cupboard  door (?)--

…...and  they  all  came  together  nicely!

….kept  going...

Needless  to  say,  this  is  my  current  obsession!  If  you  like  using  your  gel  plate,  and  haven't  tried  this  technique,  you  need  to!  Remember  to  check  out  Shannon's  video  HERE.


jinxxxygirl said...

Now those are gorgeous!! Will those hang in your home as i'm sure you can't sell them coming from a magazine image..??Hugs! deb

Chris Lally said...

Absolutely awesome! A wonderful technique enhanced by your creative touch. Thank you for sharing the link - very generous.

wanda miller said...

BEAUTIFUL work and turn out, Diane. And THANK YOU for the address for the video. I haven't cared for anything having to do with the gel plate ever...till now. This absolutely rock and can be so useful, adding to my collage efforts. Plus it looks so fun! xo

Jan said...

I'm definitely going to check out this technique, your art makes it look very inviting. Thanks for sharing.

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Deborah’s Art said...

Oh, I love these. I finally splurged on a Gelli plate and can’t wait to start using it. Thanks for sharing this.


Shannon Green said...

Oh wow, you got fabulous results!!

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