Sunday, June 24, 2018

New Painting--Start to Finish

I've  been  pretty  quiet  around  here  lately,  probably  because  I've  been  pretty  busy  around  here  lately--a  combination  of  Summer  arriving  (finally!)  and  art  show  season  (getting  ready!)  But  here's  a  quick  post  of  one  of  my  paintings  that  I  just  finished.  

I  found  this  great old  cupboard  door  ( 18 x 30 inches)  at  a  flea  market.  I  never  find  them  often,  but  I  always  scoop  them  up  when  I  do.   Started  out  with  a  layer  of  gesso  and  then  painting  the  frame  work  of it--

…..seems  that  I  like  to  paint  a  really  big  rooster  at  least  once  a  year--

So  happy  with  this--I'm  enjoying  Summer,  but  also  love  taking  the time  away  in  my  art  room  to  paint, paint, paint!


CraftyViolet said...

Lovely as always!

Jan said...

Beautiful! I'm painting this summer too. Paint drys fast nowadays. Always enjoy seeing what you are up to.

Chris Lally said...

Love it!
Wishing you the best with your summer shows!

Debbie said...



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