Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Art For You

I've  been  busy  busy  busy  these last  couple  of  a months--making  lots  of  art  for  shows.   So  no  more  talking--I'll  just  show  you  what  I've  been  up  to--

Lots  of  painting--

…..with  my  favorite--acrylics

Love  painting  elephants...

And  I  made  some  boxes--

Painting  on  one  of  my  favorite  surfaces--

--an  old  cupboard  door  given  a  new  life

my second  love,  when  I  step  away  from  the  paint--

making  assemblages  with  the  wonderful  items  from  the  past  that  have  been  forgotten--you  can't  throw  these  little  trinkets  out!!

And  also  finding  vintage  toys  at  the  flea  markets--

and  giving  them  a  little  Christmas  spirit

And  I  also  was  able  to  take  a  2  week  vacation  visiting  my  son  in  Florida--got  away  from  the  cold,  rainy, not  so  great  Fall  that  we've  been  having  to  beautiful  weather--

...for  you  lighthouse  lovers--this  is  the  Ponce Inlet Lighthouse  near  Daytona  Beach,  and  of  course  when  you're  in  Florida,  you  have  to  go  to  Disney!  (well  at  least  I  do)

Cinderella's  castle  at  night--beautiful!

So  now  I'm  back  Home  getting  ready  for  one  more  show

I  hope  you  enjoyed  my  slide  show  of  what's  been  keeping  me  busy  the  last  couple  of  months--doing  what  makes  me  happy  :-)


Donna said...

I love all these pieces Diane but I think the tree and elephants are my favs!

We went to Disney in May. Cinderella's castle was gorgeous but it didn't have that icy magical look like when you saw it. Your view was absolutely stunning!

Hope you have lots of fun and great success at the art shows!

Julie said...

Diane, I always love your color pallet for your creations. They just draw my eyes right to them and I always know when a post is yours by your signature style. Love it!


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