Monday, September 16, 2013

Angels Here

This  is  the  time  of  the  year  when  I  forget  about  Halloween  and  even  Thanksgiving,  and  start  thinking  about  Christmas--no  I'm  not  really  one  of  those  early  bird people  that  start  getting  ready  for  the  holiday  in  the  beginning  of  the  year--just  the  opposite  actually.  next  show  in  3  weeks  is  for  the  all  of  those  people  who  do  think  like  that--Christmas  in  the  Woods  in  Columbiana,  Ohio  (my  favorite  show!) 
Last  year  I  was  thinking  snowmen--but  this  year--I'm  thinking  angels.   So  the  first  thing  I  did  was  get  out  a  piece  of  watercolor  paper  and  started  sketching--  got  out  my  favorite  form  of  watercolor--my  neocolor  crayons  and  some  chalk  pastels  and  gave  her  some  color--
....AND  then...I  put  her  on  an  11 x 14  gallery  canvas  and  surrounded  her in  my  new-found  papers  by  Prima  ("Fairy  Rhymes")--
I  enjoyed  doing  this  so  much....that  I  did  it  again....
I  also  made  my  "guardian  angel"
and  last  but  not  least--what  else  do  I  finish  my  blog  posts  with--but  my  latest  box!
...but  I  still  have  angels  on  my  mind....


Susan said...

Love your angels (I am an angel fan too), especially the "dream angel". She is beautifully serene and her hair is gorgeous!.

Bren Thebeau said...

you are on a roll with angels watching over you :-) beautiful works

Kim Mailhot said...

The Angels are speaking to you, Diane ! These are really beautiful.
I hope their sweet energy lingers with you.

clare said...

wonderful projects

Marilyn J. Rock said...

Diane! Oh; I've missed you and your art! Thanks for visiting my new Blog. I have felt so disconnected with those that have inspired me - you are among them. I've added your Blog to my new one on the side bar so I can keep connected with you.

I ADORE your angels! I'm high on angels as they symbolize, to me, the ones that are taking care of my husband, now, in heaven.

I would, honestly, be interested in purchasing your DREAM angel if you can release her when your show is over.

Please let me know. (

Thanks SO much - I'm glad we can stay in touch.

Love, Marilyn


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