Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Getting Crafty With My Flea Market Finds

So  I  have  to  mention  that  I  just  returned  from  one  of  the  best  flea  markets  that  I've  ever  been  too--the  Springfield, Ohio  Flea  Market  and  Antique Show  Extravaganza.   I  went  there  in  May,  and  they  always  have  another  one  in  Sep.--over  2000 vendors!  I've  been  to  a  LOT  of  flea  markets--but  this  one,  so  far  is  at  the  top  of  my  list--you  can  read  more  about  it  HERE--my  blog  post  from  last  May  where  I  talk  about  it  in  more  detail.   But  for  now,  I'll   show  you  what  I  did  with  just  a  little  bit  of  my  finds  from  that  show. 
First  of  all--here's   just  the  tip  of  'treasures'  that  I  found--
2  of  my  favorite  things  in  this  photo--letters  and  old  hardware--can  never  pass  them  up...
And  being  more  specific--
...these  sewing  spools  already  covered  in  the  fabric--which  gave  me  a  spark--
...perfect  for  my  Christmas  show  in  less  than  2  weeks  now...
And  here's  another  find--
I've  never  really  seen  anything  like  this  before--a  children's  shoe  shine/bank  combo  metal  box  (not  quite  sure  where  the  bank  part  comes  in  though)--but  it  was  perfect  for  what  I  wanted  it  for--
...and  one more--  old  pop  crate  filled  with  more  flea  market  finds.  
So  I  guess  the  moral  is--everything  can  be  repurposed.   We  don't  want  to  throw  these  items  from  the  past  away--your  trash  will  always  be  someone  else's  treasures  : )
I  do  enjoy  bringing  out  my  crafty  side,  but  my  first  love  is  painting  and  just  being  in  my  studio.    So  I  had  to  get  out  my  paints  and  Stuff--
Actually,  this  is  a  special  order  from  a  lady  that's  coming  to  my  show--very  fun!
More  art  making--
I  can  never  make  enough  of  these  boxes--especially  this  time  of  year!  
So  that's  what  I've  been  doing  these  last  couple  of  weeks--getting  ready  for  my  big  show  and  waiting  for  the  arrival  of  my  grandson  who,  by  the  way,  is  due  on  the same  weekend  of  my  show--wonder  how  that's  going  to  work  out??


Kathy said...

Grandson - whoa, I missed that piece of news - congratulations!

Clare Lloyd said...

Fabulous art makes.

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

I know you'll be over the top when the grandson arrives. I hope your show doesn't interfere with the birth, because I know that's the show you do your best at. Good luck.

BTW, I adore that shoe shine box/bank arrangement.

Unknown said...

Great flea market finds! Congrats on your grandson's arrival soon! How exciting@

Kimberly S said...

Wow, what fabulous finds and amazing projects you've put together with them! Love your painted pieces too, such wonderful talent. Thanks so much for sharing the inspiration. :)

Marianne said...

Great stuff you found on the flea market and I love your paintings.
xxx Marianne

Holly Loves Art said...

Oh wow such great finds and love seeing what you do with everything. So glad you're having fun! All your artwork is so lovely. :)


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