Tuesday, June 11, 2019

New Painting/ Collage--Step-by-Step

This  is  one  of  my  favorite  ways  to  make  art--a  little  painting  mixed  with  paper  play.  Here's  the  finished  piece--

...my  Paper  Mosaic  Horses
...but  I'll  start  from  the  beginning,  which  was deciding  on  my  color  palette--

these  are  the  papers  that  I  painted  for  this  project--my  color  palette
next  I  started  on  my  background--

this  is  a  20 x 20 deep  sided  birch  cradle  board--my  favorite  type  of  surface--paint  and  a  paper  mosaic  border
next  I  made  my  horse  templates--

this  makes  it  a  lot  easier  for  me  when  I  go  to  make  my  actual  subject  with  the  papers

a  close  up  view,  and  another  shot  of  the  finished  piece--

I  don't  make  many  horses,  but  I  think  I  will  now--I  love  the  way  this  came  out.  And  here's  another  one  that  I  made  in  the  same  manner  with  a  more  familiar  subject  for  me--

I  love  elephants!!


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Crafting Queen said...

This is stunning!!!!

Suzy said...

I just wanted to thank you for keeping up with this blog. I have been reading for a few years. Whenever I need inspiration I scroll through. You are very talented and I appreciate you sharing your techniques.

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I'm wondering if you have an email address that I can send my questions to? My mom would like to make a patchwork with the image of one of your artworks and we would like to ask for your permission.

Please kindly reply. Thank you in advance.


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