Friday, October 2, 2020

My Art Retreat in September

 I  prepared  for it  all  year,  and  in a  second, it  seems, it's  over, and  it  was  so  much  fun  and especially  needed  this  year!  There were  a  total  of  6  of  us, and  the  just  the  right  number  for  a  comfortable  working  distance  from each  other,  with  this  year's  weird  circumstances.

and  the  best  part  were  all of  these art supplies   together  and  being  able  to   play  for  3  days (leaving all of our other outside problems at the door)--

This year was all about faux encaustic and polymer clay.  I became interested in polymer clay when I saw that I could use it as an element in my mixed media art pieces, and I wanted to show the versatility of this very forgiving medium.  Here are the results of the class--

The best part about this is how their creavity took over and helped them express themselves.  I  showed  them  the techniques  and  told them to stand  our of their own way, and that's what they did.   

This  retreat went way  too  fast  that's for sure--can't  wait  till next year!



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