Friday, February 26, 2021

February-- Art Playing Discoveries, Lifebook 2021, and More Etsy

 I've been doing a lot of playing in February and cleaning and sorting--not much else to do in this part of the country--too cold!  So every time I go to de-clutter and 'clean' I end up stopping and making art, because I find little things that I've forgotten about and then discover that I can put them together to make some art pieces--like these--

I've also been discovering new art supplies again--this time--Stabilo CarbOthello pastel pencils.  I've always loved the look that you get from chalk pastels but not the mess--these eliminate a lot of that mess, but you get the same result as a hard pastel--

 they blend beautifully too--love them!

 And another new discovery--the artist Jenny Manno--I first found her when I took a small online class from her and realized how much I loved her style, and then found out she had a Facebook group  called Next JENeration Art (with lots of prompts) which anyone can join and also a great you tube channel--every Tuesday she puts up a video sharing different art supplies and demonstrations--she focuses mainly on quirky portraits, but just learning about the supplies alone are very generous on her part.  Here's one (out of the many prompts on her Facebook group page) that I tried--

I made her with mainly the CarbOthellos--lots of fun art playing in Jenny's group!

And still loving Lifebook 2021--such a supportive and talented  community there--really happy with my latest portrait from Tam's (Willowing) lesson--

and another lesson about celebrating yourself--I put my own variation on it, but the message is still there--

Meanwhile back in my Etsy Shop I've been adding more art.  I 've decided to cut down on the number of art shows that I used to do (not sure what this year will bring anyway) and focus on more online business.  I  really do enjoy getting out there and meeting like-minded people at shows and fellow artists, but I don't enjoy the setting up and tearing down of a display and huge tent that's only been up for 2 days, not to mention about worrying if the weather will be bad.  I'm rambling here, so let me just show you what I've been up to this month for Etsy (remember--I've been trying to declutter my art room and house :-)

I've been having lots of fun!  You can find these HERE.  Hope to see you next month when Spring (hopefully) will be in the air!!



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