Thursday, April 1, 2021

March Art--Painting Faces and Mixed Media Art and Happy Spring!

 Happy Spring everyone!  Even though it's still a bit cold out and snowing right now (April 1), there are definitely signs of Spring in the air which makes me happy!  And looking forward to warmer weather and getting out more especially now that I am officially fully vaccinated.  Times are still definitely wierd but a little more hopeful than it was last time this year--little did we know that in a year's time we would still be basically staying close to home and wearing masks (kind of a way of life now).  Ok, but I'm here for the art which is my way of being content and less anxious.

So as the title says I've been painting fun faces--thanks to Lifebook2021  and Next Jeneration Art (Jenny Manno's Facebook group).  My first one here was from Maria Pace-Wynter's lesson in Lifebook--

I loved how she came out!  I was so happy that Maria was an instructor there this year--I love her art and so glad that she shared her talent with us.

Next 2 girls are inspired by Jenny Manno--

I love how Jenny shares how to use so many different mediums--the last girl here was done entirely in chalk pastels--so fun.  Remember she also has a You tube channel too, and each Tuesday she has a How To Tuesday video--it's great!

And another great lesson in Lifebook  from Susan Nethercote--

painting loose and free florals, which was a bit hard for me--I'm glad I tried it and trusted the process, because I had a hot mess going on for a while before the end result

Back to my Etsy shop-- for this month some mixed media art with lots of dimension and some assemblage--

I've also been playing with my painted papers--love how they come together to create a story--

So these last 2 were painted but I like to give the feel of the collaged papers--I love color as you can see  :-)

So, needless to say, I've been making lots of art.  I 'm always more content when I can spend every day in my art studio even if it's just for a short time--hope you can do this too everyday--whatever makes your heart sing!


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