Thursday, April 1, 2021

March Art--Painting Faces and Mixed Media Art and Happy Spring!

 Happy Spring everyone!  Even though it's still a bit cold out and snowing right now (April 1), there are definitely signs of Spring in the air which makes me happy!  And looking forward to warmer weather and getting out more especially now that I am officially fully vaccinated.  Times are still definitely wierd but a little more hopeful than it was last time this year--little did we know that in a year's time we would still be basically staying close to home and wearing masks (kind of a way of life now).  Ok, but I'm here for the art which is my way of being content and less anxious.

So as the title says I've been painting fun faces--thanks to Lifebook2021  and Next Jeneration Art (Jenny Manno's Facebook group).  My first one here was from Maria Pace-Wynter's lesson in Lifebook--

I loved how she came out!  I was so happy that Maria was an instructor there this year--I love her art and so glad that she shared her talent with us.

Next 2 girls are inspired by Jenny Manno--

I love how Jenny shares how to use so many different mediums--the last girl here was done entirely in chalk pastels--so fun.  Remember she also has a You tube channel too, and each Tuesday she has a How To Tuesday video--it's great!

And another great lesson in Lifebook  from Susan Nethercote--

painting loose and free florals, which was a bit hard for me--I'm glad I tried it and trusted the process, because I had a hot mess going on for a while before the end result

Back to my Etsy shop-- for this month some mixed media art with lots of dimension and some assemblage--

I've also been playing with my painted papers--love how they come together to create a story--

So these last 2 were painted but I like to give the feel of the collaged papers--I love color as you can see  :-)

So, needless to say, I've been making lots of art.  I 'm always more content when I can spend every day in my art studio even if it's just for a short time--hope you can do this too everyday--whatever makes your heart sing!

Friday, February 26, 2021

February-- Art Playing Discoveries, Lifebook 2021, and More Etsy

 I've been doing a lot of playing in February and cleaning and sorting--not much else to do in this part of the country--too cold!  So every time I go to de-clutter and 'clean' I end up stopping and making art, because I find little things that I've forgotten about and then discover that I can put them together to make some art pieces--like these--

I've also been discovering new art supplies again--this time--Stabilo CarbOthello pastel pencils.  I've always loved the look that you get from chalk pastels but not the mess--these eliminate a lot of that mess, but you get the same result as a hard pastel--

 they blend beautifully too--love them!

 And another new discovery--the artist Jenny Manno--I first found her when I took a small online class from her and realized how much I loved her style, and then found out she had a Facebook group  called Next JENeration Art (with lots of prompts) which anyone can join and also a great you tube channel--every Tuesday she puts up a video sharing different art supplies and demonstrations--she focuses mainly on quirky portraits, but just learning about the supplies alone are very generous on her part.  Here's one (out of the many prompts on her Facebook group page) that I tried--

I made her with mainly the CarbOthellos--lots of fun art playing in Jenny's group!

And still loving Lifebook 2021--such a supportive and talented  community there--really happy with my latest portrait from Tam's (Willowing) lesson--

and another lesson about celebrating yourself--I put my own variation on it, but the message is still there--

Meanwhile back in my Etsy Shop I've been adding more art.  I 've decided to cut down on the number of art shows that I used to do (not sure what this year will bring anyway) and focus on more online business.  I  really do enjoy getting out there and meeting like-minded people at shows and fellow artists, but I don't enjoy the setting up and tearing down of a display and huge tent that's only been up for 2 days, not to mention about worrying if the weather will be bad.  I'm rambling here, so let me just show you what I've been up to this month for Etsy (remember--I've been trying to declutter my art room and house :-)

I've been having lots of fun!  You can find these HERE.  Hope to see you next month when Spring (hopefully) will be in the air!!


Wednesday, January 27, 2021

January--Lifebook 2021--Art Journaling

 Wow, can't believe we got through 2020--let's hope this year will start to turn around and we can get some normalcy back--although I'm so used to living this way--that it now seems the normal way  :-)  I'm just happy that I'm able to do what makes me the happiest and content--it really does make a difference to find that in your life and make time for it everyday!

So now that Christmas craziness is over with and the quiet month of January has settled in I've been able to do the same thing--settling in--in my art room and playing.  

And this year I'm so happy that I decided to sign up for Lifebook 2021 hosted by the wonderful Tamara Laporte.  I haven't been in it for a couple of years, but this year I knew I needed to make some art for just me.

Our first lesson was with Tamara--our goddess of light--

Love all the layers and texture--it was just fun to play with different mediums.  And the next lesson from Tamara--our happy owl--

I took it in a little different direction from hers, but loved her owl design and kept to that.

So the next week's lesson (yes there is a new lesson every week with 32 different instructors!) was with Cinnamon Cooney

Again, I put my own spin on this piece--except for the tree girl--I love her!

And I've been playing around with different art supplies--I decided to give charcoal a 2nd chance.  A few years ago I used it and gave up on it--I didn't like the messiness of it.  But this time I got past that and discovered it's fun and forgiving!

Definitely will be  experimenting with these pencils some more--I like the way they work with other mediums.   And the best way to experiment is where else, but your journal.  I'm committed to the one I started last year when the quarantine started, and I'm getting there--adding more pages--

....mostly faces, which I love to do and when it's in my journal I have more freedom to play around, because that's what a journal is--a place to experiment in--this is what I like to put in my journal--painted faces!  and playing with different art mediums.  I think my favorite thing about art journaling is that they are all unique with each artist--it's each person's own individual voice coming out--in words, or paintings, or marks or whatever--no rules--love that!

I've also been making other art that's now in my Etsy shop.

Altered a cigar box with one of my journal girl images--

some of my whimsy art on 6 x 6 surfaces--

this one has a polymer clay bird that I had made some time ago--I found the right home for her

and also some assemblages

I really enjoy making vintage children themed art like this--I just like the nostalgia of it.
So these pieces are all available and you can find them HERE
This has pretty much been my month in the art department of my life--my favorite department!  :-)
Hope where ever you are life is good for you and getting back to a happier time!

Tuesday, November 3, 2020

October--All About Etsy

 So  in  October  I  was  able  to  participate  in  one  show,  which  has  always  been  my  favorite.   It's  outdoors  in  a  wooded  setting.   This  year,  of  course,  there  were  many  restrictions  due  to  the  pandemic,  and  I'm  happy  to  say  that  everyone  was  compliant--crafters  and  customers.  We  were  just  happy  to  be  out  and celebrate  Christmas  in  the  Woods (the name  of  the  show).  I  was  happy  to  see old  friends  and  make  new  ones  as  well.

I  actually  did  quite  well,  but  I  had  a  LOT,  considering  that  all  I  did  was  make  art  and  not  go  anywhere  for  most  of  the  year,  so  I  took  some  of  what  I  had  left  and  put  it  in  my  Etsy  shop.

Here's  some  of  what  you  can  find  there--

....some  assemblage

...paintings, a box, and some  6 x 6 art  squares--

and  there's  also  Christmas  in  my  Etsy--

And  new  this  year,  I  have  Christmas  cards--all new  6  designs  that  I  made--

And  today  I  just  added  some  more  fun  art--

Yes,  I  never  stop  making  art,  so  there  will be more  coming,  including  Christmas.   I  hope  this  holiday  season  that  you  all  can  help  support  small  businesses  that  are  having  a  tough  time  this  year.   Some  artist  friends  that  I  know  depend  mostly  on  art shows,  which  were  pretty  much  all canceled  this  year.   By  supporting  us  it  helps  us  continue  to  do  what  we  love  to  do  the  most.

You  can  find  my  Etsy  shop  HERE
And  I  thank  everyone  that  has  supported  me  in  the  past--I'm  so  happy  when  my  art  makes  you  happy!

Friday, October 2, 2020

My Art Retreat in September

 I  prepared  for it  all  year,  and  in a  second, it  seems, it's  over, and  it  was  so  much  fun  and especially  needed  this  year!  There were  a  total  of  6  of  us, and  the  just  the  right  number  for  a  comfortable  working  distance  from each  other,  with  this  year's  weird  circumstances.

and  the  best  part  were  all of  these art supplies   together  and  being  able  to   play  for  3  days (leaving all of our other outside problems at the door)--

This year was all about faux encaustic and polymer clay.  I became interested in polymer clay when I saw that I could use it as an element in my mixed media art pieces, and I wanted to show the versatility of this very forgiving medium.  Here are the results of the class--

The best part about this is how their creavity took over and helped them express themselves.  I  showed  them  the techniques  and  told them to stand  our of their own way, and that's what they did.   

This  retreat went way  too  fast  that's for sure--can't  wait  till next year!



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