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Step by Step paper collage--Putting a cat together
Altering a  Plain  Wood  Box
Metal  Embossing
More  Metal  Embossing
Soft  Molding  Paste  Technique
Mixed  Media  Collage  using  Scrapbook  Papers  on  a  Cupboard  Door
Painting  Papers
Textured Papers
Technique  using  Crystal  Lacquer
Aluminum  Foil  Technique
Packing Tape Tutorial
Some of My Favorite Supplies
Doing New Things with Your Art Prints
Aluminum foil art
Paper Collage 

 Step by step cat  collage go  HERE:

Altered  wood  box--go  HERE

Metal  Embossing--go  HERE

More  Metal Embossing  go  HERE

Collage  with  handpainted  papers  and  molding  paste  technique--go  HERE

Mixed  media  collage using  scrapbook papers  and vintage text  starting  on  a  cupboard  door--go  HERE

Painting  papers  Part 1--go  HERE
Painting  papers  Part 2--go  HERE
Painting papers  Part 3--go  HERE

Textured Papers--go HERE

More textured papers--go HERE

Technique  using  Crystal  Lacquer  and  molding  paste  again--go  HERE

Aluminum  foil  technique--go  HERE

Packing  tape  transfer--go  HERE
Some  of  my  favorite  art  supplies--go  HERE

Doing New Things with Your Art Prints--go HERE

Aluminum foil art--if interested--I have this tutorial saved on my computer, and I can send it to you

Paper  Collage--go  HERE


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