Friday, February 17, 2023

My Art Process

 Hey I'm back!  It only took about 8 months but I knew eventually I would be coming around.  I thought in this post I would show you how I go about making an art piece (in most cases).

I'm not an intuitive type artist--I've tried, but it will get too frustrating for me--I need to have a plan.  So in this one that I made I knew that I wanted to have paper collage in it.  And the first thing I did is think of my color palette and once I decide on what colors I want I get out my cardstock (110lb), paints, stencils, mark-making tools,etc and have fun with them--

I experimented with a new color choice--tangerine, gray , sage, and cream--and I stuck to those colors.  Next I knew this was going to be a dimensional piece so I took my 6 x 12 wood cradle board and flipped it around. I like these wood boards from Blick--they have deep 1  1/2" sides which makes it perfect for what I like to do.

Then I gathered--my studio and house for that matter is filled with all of my findings, so I never have a problem bringing a little story together--

This is what I initially found--but as I go into making it--I change my mind on some of the items and add some more--this is where I let the piece tell me what it needs--I just need to get out of my way and listen.

My finished piece--

really happy how it brought itself together

Next a different idea using the same paper (with some book pages) as my pallette--

paper flower collage--I like to tear the paper for the petals for a more organic look

and the finishing touch includes water soluble crayons and these Faber Castell watercolor markers which are awesome!

Lots more paper left, so continuing on-- latest box--I never get tired of making these and this one has already found a new home in North Carolina!  You can find the other 2 in my Etsy shop

In other news--I signed up for Lifebook this year--such a great deal with all of the teachers and weekly lessons--hard to fit in with everything else but you have the videos forever and can take advantage of them at your own convenience 

I love Tamara's art and her classes--very detailed --these are from my classes with her--

These were both done in mostly watercolor--a bit scary for me, but with Tamara's instruction it's not so bad--she takes you step by step.  And what I love to do most is to add to the watercolor painting with crayons, posca pens (another awesome product), pencil, etc to bring it all together.

So I've been trying out new art supplies lately and I'm going to try to get a post together with my favorite supplies--hope to see you soon...


Crafting Queen said...

Wow, stunning creations. Love the two paintings. Anesha x

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