Saturday, March 20, 2010

Back From Columbus

And on Friday, this was the first place I went to--the Blick art supply store.  This doesn't look like a lot, put it sure took a chunk of change out of my pocketbook. A couple of new products that I got were some copic markers (I've heard alot about these) and the Liquitex pouring medium. I found a video on where else, you tube, on the use of this  medium--really cool results--so we'll see.

And then today I went to the cash and carry wholesale show and picked up some goodies--
And I always get these frames when I go--

The one vendor there  sells  these barnwood framed prints--all different sizes--these were 12 x 16, and he always sells them to me without the prints.  He takes about $5.00 off the price, which makes them under $10.  I usually paint them and add my own painting, or I'll keep the glass in them and make a collage.  I really like them.

This one I bought with the print in it--

Can't you see this with vintage lace, and a vintage photo with some old jewelry and other embellishments?  I can.

The main reason I like to go to this show, however, is the furniture maker that's there.  He makes small tables and cabinets, but big pieces also, and his prices are extremely reasonable.  I like to paint furniture-I usually will find them at yard sales for under $10, but his are so well made and the price is too good to pass up.  Here's one piece that I just finished that's going with me next week--

This is an old magazine stand/table  that I'm sure I picked up for a couple of bucks--I have so much old furniture in our garage--forget about putting a car in there.  I love giving facelifts to these discarded pieces that would probably end up in the trash.

AND THEN...when we were finished--we were hungry, of course!! so we went here--

Schmidt's restaurant as featured on Travel Channel's -Man vs. Food, which is where we first found out about  it.  It's in the German District of Columbus.  What a quaint little neighborhood this is-- right down to the brick roads.

The Schmidt  family has been around making their own sausage since 1888. We had the buffet with all of their delicious sausage ( Bahama Mama--the favorite) and other side dishes including homemade sauerkraut. And also dessert--

One of their award- winning homemade creampuffs--very, very good!

So as you can see, I had a very fun last couple of days, and am now getting ready for my show.  Also happy Spring to everyone--it was great in Columbus--temperatures in the 60's and mostly sunny--I had short sleeves on and no jacket--wow!!


Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

What a stupendous couple of days you had. Thanks for taking us along. I saw those canvases and thought "Ka-ching." I know how expensive those are. I must check out the Liquitex video to see if it's something I might actually use.

It's been awhile since you honored me with your blog award, and I've struggled with the honor. I finally am in the process of writing it up and will be posting it tonight. Thanks again for your kindness and faith in my blog. You know I get so much inspiration from yours, that I was surprised you would find much use with mine. Again, thanks for the honor and thanks for your patience.

BTW, love that creampuff. It really WAS fattening Friday.

Jeannine said...

Such a fun weekend! We saw those creampuffs on TV this afternoon ... yum!

I'll have to look up pouring medium ... never heard of it.


Jackie said...

Ohhhh, I love looking at all the goodies. I need some canvas. I love what you did with that magazine table too!! wish I had some fun art friends:)

Anonymous said...

Great stuff, and I hope you tell us more about those pens as you sue them, I also saw the pouring video. It is a lot like finding things after you pour. Beautiful colors and images.

I am impressed with your clean nice checkboard squares on that nice little magazine rack. Really nice for all the Somerset magazines. Ha Ha

You had a grat time, and man that cream puff, a beautiful thing, I would like to make one, I never have. I better hurry I am not young.

If you go to Sharon's blog and look at the great quilter artist she mentions in her blog today, it is a fun visit.

Rina said... those frames!!! love seeing the goodies you got...sounds like a fabulous trip...I think you'll love the copic markers...I DO!!!

Anonymous said...

okay, first of all, i have never seen a cream puff so B I G !!!


and I love the photo of your art supply's true the price can add up so easy, I did that myself just today with fabrics and notions...but it's soooooooo worth it right! after all, an artist needs to create!

ciao bella

Deb Harvey said...

WOW! You really did have a great two days! How fun! It was a lot of fun reading about it too, so thank you for sharing!

I love your painted table and I can't wait to see what you create next. Great frames, too!

Say It In Color said...

OH MY WORD!!!!ART eye candy and then you make us hungry!!! I want to hang out with you!! My dau lives near Columbus, so some day....Wendy McK from Gut Art is there too....I have that VERY little has my little printer on it....bought it yrs ago for 10. and painted it plain blue and green....not nearly as wonderful as yours!!! I've been saving pieces of old furniture to paint.... someday .... that "someday syndrome" ...I think it is in the medical books .... at age 63 it gets worse!! Stay young Diane...your work is awesome!!! Can't wait to check back!!

Dianne said...

Wow...What a good time! I wish I could find frames like that. That magazine table is so cute! Mmmm German food... U sed to spend Christmas Eve evening with friends and family having a traditional Bavarian meal... We always had sourbraten (sp?) and potato pancakes, red cabbage kraut and those German noodles (can't remember the name) and of course, Liebframilch. It was wonderful!

Marilyn Rock said...

What fun! Thanks for sharing - beautiful things! Oh; and anytime I see Golden's - kaching, kaching. But; the products are worth it and they work! I'll have to check out the liquitex video, too. Your painted table is just stunning! I love it so much! There isn't anything you cannot do Diane! xxoo

Buffy said...

Looks like you had fun,let us know about the coptic markers,I've been hearing alot about them too.Love those frames too,I have a man make them for me just like that but he charges me 12.oo for a 9x12,which isnt to bad.I love your TV stand that you painted.

Diana Evans said...

oh what a fantastic looking escape!!! you have some wonderful things...and that cream puff looks yummy!!!!

Elizabeth Golden said...

Wow Diane sounds like a total renourishment, body and soul. Love the magazine table you painted. I could envision the frames filled with your lovely art work. and the cream puff made me very hungry!

Twyla and Lindsey said...

You have me wanting to go to Columbus now! Art supplies are always exciting and I'd Love that resturant! The table is just beautiful. Have a wonderful day! Twyla

Pamela Holderman said...

Oh thanks for stopping by and hey you are a tease too - can't image what I would do in a Blick supply store. I have only ordered from them on line. And you got frames too! Aren't they the best? They just get all those creative juices flowing thinking of what can go in them. OK and I will not even comment on the cream puff - I will just pretend I did not even see it...:)

Mary said...

yummy finds, including the cream-puff!!

Thanks for your comment about my home.

Sissy Sparrows said...

Jealous of two things...first your supplies and great finds and second the cream puff cake! That looks delicious!

Thank you for your comments on my paintings!

wanda miller said...

what fun...looks like christmas around there! thanks so for your comment! now i think i need to get some kind of a luscious snack!

Marlynn said...

Oh, you lucky girl! The Blick store, oh no. Love your stash, love your magazine rack, you are incredible.... and - and - love the cream puff, my kind of girl. Yum Yum....

Adrian said...

Hiya, Diane, looks like you had a wonderful trip and that table is just gorgeous!!! I am amazed at all that you do in your art. And,thanks for saying, "hi" today.

Star said...

Oh wow, what a great fun week end you had!! I'm soooo jealous! I can see by the picture that you don't kid when you said you dropped a chunk at DB's! LOL! It looks like some of my latest orders, minus the copics which will be on a wish list forever.
You paint furniture pieces, too?!! Show some more! I have pieces sitting here (in the way) to paint but I ran out of space to do them when I moved MR. and the computer business out into the garage. So now unless it's SUMMER so I can sand and such outside, I can't do furniture. Everything remains on the to-do list.

Your restaurant find and the neighborhood looks divine, too! and the frames!
Glad you had a good time!

Juliette Crane said...

that cream puff looks delicious! i am happy to have found your blog. your artwork is absolutely beautiful. thank you for being so inspiring. xoxo, juliette

Anonymous said...

Looks like you had a productive weekend. I love your little painted table! Yes, do let us know about the copic markers as soon as you try them out.

linda said...

Oh wow, I totally understand going to an art store like Blick and getting into a bit of much stuff to try! Sounds like you had a fabulous weekend :) Hope to see what you do with all your goodies! said...

Besides vintage textiles, nothing gets me more excited than a table filled with art supplies! I have to sit & read each label carefully, examine each purchase, over & over. Okay, that sounds kinda creepy, but I do love my new supplies. I just ordered from Blick yesterday, would LOVE to go see the store. Can't wait to see what you do with it all. Lisa

nostalgia*gal said...

OH my ...I ADORE what you did to the magazine table! Such a whimsical piece!
Looking at that cream puff...lunch time!
Love your site so much going to put on my side bar.


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