Friday, September 24, 2010

Love That Steampunk!--A Mini Step-by-Step

I've  been  up  in  my  room  having  SOOOO  much  fun  with  my  Graphic  45  papers.  And  for  my  first  ever  Steampunk  piece  I  started  with  a  gallery  wrapped  canvas  flipped  over  to  make  a  shadowbox  (I  like  to  do  this  alot)

And  then  I  collaged  my  papers  on  it  along  with  a  vintage  lace  collar  that  I  coffee-stained  (once  I  start  coffee  staining   things, I  can't  stop--it's  so  fun!)

Okay,  and  then  I  took  an  alarm  clock  (actually  this  isn't  the  one  that  I  used--I  forgot  to  take  the  picture  of  the  one  that  I  did  use)

And  then......I  took  it  apart--do  you  know  how  much  fun  it  is  to  take  things  apart?!  Just  look  at  the  treasures  that  you  can  find  inside--

And  then  when  you  add   some  of  these  components  with  other  embellishments--you  can  get  some  very  fun  collage  going  on--

Who  would  have  thought  it--back  before  mixed  media  came  into  play!

Anyway--back  to  the  alarm  clock.  After  I  took  out  all  of  the  goodies  that  were  inside,  I  put  in  my  Debutante--

And  that  cherub---well  he  just  belongs  there!

And  here  is  my  first  completed  Steampunk  piece--
(you  can  see  the  details  better when  you  click  on it)
This  was  very  very  fun  to  put  together.

And   I  made  something  else  with  my  papers--what  else,  but  another  altered  cigar  box.

So  what  do  you  think  these  Victorians  would  think  of  what  we  do  with  them  today.  Like,  for  instance--look  at  this  proper  lady  with  her  sprocket  hair--

Oh  yeah,  and  that  screw  in  the  middle  of  her  forehead--couldn't  be  helped--this  is  the  inside  of  the lid  and  it's  where  I  attached  the knob--oh  well--it  just  adds  to  it.

Or  how  about  this  little  lady (or  is  it  a little  boy?)  with  his/her  wings  and  the  bird  on  top  of  his/her  head--

Do  you  think  they  would  have  been  fond  of  this?  I  don't  know--they  seemed  so  proper  and  rigid--whether  or  not--we're  having  fun  with  them  now.

Quite  honestly,  a  year  ago  I  never  even  heard  of  this  word,  but  then  when  I  started  blogging  and  visiting  some  of  these  blogs,  I  discovered  Steampunk.  I've  always  been  drawn  to  Victorian  art,  so I really  liked  this  style.  It's  more  of  a  whimsical  Victorian  art.  And  according  to,  the term  Steampunk  refers  to  the  Victorian  era  in  Britain  in  the  19th  century  when  steam  power  was  widely  used.  So  this  is  the  reason  for the  muted  and  dirtied tones  of  the papers  with  the  tans,  greens, browns,  and the turquoise--along with the gadgets, sprockets, watches,  top-hats, gloves and so on.  I think  I  have  a  new  love (obsession  : )   Thank you  Graphic  45  for  coming  out  with  such  cool  papers!


Anonymous said...

Wooow beautiful work!!!
kisses and nice weekend.

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

I have to agree that Graphic 45 did a great thing by adding their steampunk line to their already beautiful other lines of paper.

I love your first venture into steampunk. I have yet to try that style. And you stayed true to the Victorian era with the heavily encrusted, gilded, and layered pieces they were so familiar for. The lace and tea stained pieces remind me of the doilies that covered everything during that era. This is a monument to both Victorian and steampunk. SUPER assemblage!!

Art by Darla Kay said...

I haven't tried anything steampunk yet but I love it and because of the beautiful things you've just shown us, I want to try it now :)
You have such an amazing talent and gift Diane, I hope you realize that!
Love your blog and waiting for a video :) :) :)

Cathy Bueti said...

Beautiful work Diane! Who knew what could be done with the insides of a clock! You have turned them into art!

Love it! :)

Buffy said...

Omgosh Diane both of these pieces are just Gorgeous. I can't pick a favorite. I would have never thought of taking apart an alarm clock. It does have alot of cool pieces in it. Now i'm gonna have to go to a thrift store and look for alarm clocks. You're so inspiring.

Jeanne Nelson said...

You know I love these pieces! I love the addition of the tea-stained lace mixed with the Graphic 45 paper and the watch parts ~~ stunning. And what you did with the shell of the alarm clock ~~ brilliant! These pieces should fly from your booth at your next show. You are so creative, Diane!

rachel awes said...

you have got this
art playing
down to a
the sprocket hair!

Janie Husband said...

ho w very clever of you... beutiful pieces of art.

donna!ee said...

what a lovely steampunk surprise...i have so many canvas frames and cigar boxes with no use and now you have shown the fabtastic beauty in steampunking them...thanks so much for the i must go graphic 45steampunk shopping .... ;)

Janie Husband said...

ha ha ...just read my comment to you above this one...i should have my coffee before i attempt to

Janet Ghio said...

What a great way to use an old alarm clock!! And really like your cigar box. i just scored about 15 cigar boxes-both wood and cardboard--just waiting for some inspiration--I think I've found it! Oh--BTW--I like Jill--

Caterina Giglio said...

you are soo right, that cherub does belong there!

Isabel said...

Lol! I was planning on asking what Steampunk was and as I read further down you explained it:O) Love that you always share such wonderful tips and expalin new techniques to us:O) Love the boxes as always thank you for sharing

Tina said...

This is just genius!! I love the look too.

Lynn Cohen said...

Thanks for the home made canvas inverted shadow box idea!
Everything you did here is fabulous! I LOVE all the details. What glue did you use to adhere that lace?

Anonymous said...

Absolutely amazing!
There's not enough words in the dictionary to say how wonderful this is.
I'm in awe of your work.

Emelie said...

Oh Diane, you gave me such wonderful smiles and chuckles as you are so sumerous and I know you write like you talk, and yes I hae a dish with watch parts that I use in my pendants, and it was fun taking them apart, like a gift of wonderful things. BTW sprocket hair is very in around here.

I have always like the victorians also and becaue they were rather cluttery I would of fit in well.I thik they just had a lot of beautiful things and wanted to look at them. Also maybe they grew up in a sparseness.

You work is beautiful, these new pieces will catch the eye, and thanks for the explanation as I did not know steampunk. I must not get out enough.

Ok enough but you have made me a chatty this morning and now I want a clock to take apart, I hae one but it was my dads and I can't do that yet. Just can't.

Christianne Teixeira said...


Janine said...

WOW! Absolutely wonderful! All of it!

Theresa Plas said...

Oh Wow!!! They're both wonderful pieces D! I can't believe how quickly you accomplish such gorgeous pieces!

Joji said...

I love how you have done this steampunk....How you put things together is so clever.. You have a good eye. Always anxious to see what is next.

Tammie Lee said...

Diana these are wonderful! i will have to find an old clock to take apart now ;-)
The screw in the middle of that ladies forehead could be an energy chakra - her third eye, I like to think of it like that. Thank you for sharing how you did these, you are so inspiring.

Dorthe said...

Diane, Thanks so very much!!! I did also not know exatly what Steampunk meant!!! but reading this ,I certainly see, the connection with that period--
AND I love your piece,so fantastic with all the elements you added, and the "broken" clock pieces are great there.--
And need I say I totally love your box :)
Have a happy week-end Diane.

kluless said...

Both projects turned out perfect and I love being reminded of ideas like turning the framed canvas around. Your work is always so inspiring. Thank you for sharing!

Šolanje na domu-Waldorf said...

I love the tutorial! So nice to see how you put things together. Lovely piece as always. :)

Lisa Lectura Creations said...

Hi Diane! Wow, your creations are fabulous! I just love Graphic 45. The Victorian era is my favorite so these are so perfect. It's always a joy to view your work. I know it would be a blast to create with you. Happy Friday! :)

Debby said...

Gasp!!!! I love all your wonderful steampunk pieces,awesome as always.
I am patiently waiting for my new Graphic 45 papers to arrive, they look so yummy!!!

Art Donovan said...

Very Colorful and Very Nice :)

canngil said...

what fun pieces!!!
steam punk is a hoot!!

Diane Costanza Studio said...

The colors you used for the steampunk box are a wonderful mix! Love the whole piece.


Anonymous said...

Wow!! I seem to say WOW a lot when it comes to your work. I honestly sit here all open mouthed, jaw dropping, saying wow!

Jonny J Petros said...

Hi Diane, Wow this is awesome I love this piece -It really makes a statement-Love what you did with the clock-Never heard of steampunk it is very neat and looks fun to do.I think the women of that era would have loved doing this type of art.Sincerely, Jonny

Nelda Ream said...

These pieces turned out great. Now you have me wanting to dismantle clocks.

Sunny K. Lee said... have been busy~ and having a great time..
love your work as always~!!!!!!!!

Beth said...

Love these projects. I must take some things apart to see what inspiration lurks inside. Your work is amazing and you always get my wheels turning, like the deb's hair. The screw in the forehead is more like it these days...haha

Lovey said...

You went far and beyond with these beauties! I love the shadow box!! You are so clever Diane! Seriously gifted!!

Julie said...

I don't know how you come up with these things but both of these pieces are stunning!!! Have a great Sunday! : )

I hate to cook! said...

You are too clever! Love your ideas and your art :) said...

diane, you rocked it with your sprockets...with ideas always in your are men-tive to be inventive!!! you forever slay me! these are all the coolest!

Theresa MacNaughton said...

Double WOW! I am loving your first Steampunk piece and that altered cigar box is SO lovely. Beautiful work, as always, Diane! Theresa

Marlene said...

These are wonderful pieces. I would never have thought to use the back of one of my canvases - such a clever idea. Thanks for visiting my blog and I am glad to have found yours now as well.

Anna Rosa Designs said...

Hi Diane,
Wow, your creativity and mind blows me away!
I wish i could work along side you some time~

Unknown said...

Pure awesomeness!!!

Anjas-Artefaktotum said...

WOWWOWWOW I'm speechless so incredible unique and fantastic is this art work!I admire your creativity and your talent.
HUgs Anja


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