Thursday, February 7, 2013

29 Faces Day 7

Today's  face  is of  a  different  sort--it's  a  porcelain  one--

As  you  can  see, I've  already  started  to 'dress'  her.  She's  been  in  my  collection  of  porcelain  doll  heads  for  a  couple  of  years  now--her  body,  long  forgotten,  but  fortunately, someone  knew  to  save  her  face  until  someone  came  along  to  rescue  her  and  bring  her  back  to life.   And  now  was  the  time  to  do  it!

I  gave  her  a  wooden  bobbin (I  think  that's  what  they're  called)  body,  and  dressed  her  with  vintage  lace  complete  with  some  jewelry,  and  pearls and roses  even  for  her  hair. 

Now  she's  in  her  new  home--

This  is  an  old  printer's  tray  from  the  early  1900's .  I  love  when  I  can  find  these,  and  it's  so  much  fun  hunting  for  those  little  pieces  that  belong  in  it.  In  this  case,  it's  her  new  home.

There's  a  kitchen--

and  an office--

a  game  room--

and  extra  space  for  the  lady  of  the  house--

and  even  more  faces  for  day 7--

(can  you  not  tell  how  much  fun  I'm  having!--just  like  a  little  kid)

 I  Loved  putting  this  together!   I'm  having  fun  with  this  29  faces  challenge!

And  if  you  want  to  see  lots  more  or  even  participate--visit  HERE--tons  of  inspiration!!


J C said...

This is fantastic. I love, love it! Your doll and face are so creative. My husband has one of those old printer trays and he wont let me have it :(

Robin said...

This is gorgeous!


DVArtist said...

Amazing absolutely amazing.

Bren Graham Thebeau said...

Oh my word this is just a treasure trove of goodness. Beautifully done!

Janet Ghio said...

Love your printers tray and your very original take on the 29 faces challenge!

Marianne said...

Wow this is a beautiful crearion. Love all the old things you gathered.

Sue Marrazzo Fine Art said...

So Interesting...I love your work!!!!
Please check out my ART Blog at:

Sunny K. Lee said...

Very vintage and lovely~ Your tray is filled with many treasures~!!!!

Mary Franzenburg said...

Wow I really love your assemblage! I love it when I stumble upon a never before seen great and inspirational blog! Sweet!,

Erika said...

It is fantastic. The face and all things around in this beautiful
wooden box, filled with new rooms and things.
Sending greetings

CraftyViolet said...

I love this and I'm so envious of all the treasures you have! I want to make something like this one day too. The hunt for treasures just got accelerated.

Maya said...

Your printer tray collection is very charming. I have three trays myself but they all require filling. Before we moved, one of them used to be filled with bits and bobs that I let my son add to it. He would even pick up things he found on the way home from school and excitedly brought it in to display. I am inspired by your tray to start a new one myself. I just wish I had really big sections like your trays seem to have.

Terri Corona said...

OOhh,fun! What a great collection, now I want to get one!

leekrek said...

oh and awe, love this so beautiful

Joy Banks said...

One of the most intriguing things you've done! Don't we all wanna go thrift-shopping now and find bits n bobs!

Kristin said...

Um, that assemblage!!!!!! Really?! Swoon. (again) xoxo
(Happy almost birthday)

First garden ave. said...

wow! it's great!


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