Wednesday, February 13, 2013

29 Faces Day 13

For  my  13th  face,  I  went  back to  my  day  8  face (because  I  liked  her  so  much),  and  did  the  framing  with  painted  matt  again.  
love  how  this  matting  and  framing  completed  her  look
I   now   have   2   finished   art   pieces   that   I probably wouldn't   have   had  if  it   wasn't  for  me  taking  up  the  29  face  challenge.   They'll  be  great  additions  for  my  upcoming  art  shows  this  summer  that  will  be  here  before  I  know  it!
And  if  you  want  to see  more  faces-- there  are  now  an  impressive  107  participants--you  can  see  all  of  them  HERE!


Marianne said...

Beautiful!! Love the complete picture!!
xxx Marianne

WendyK said...

Fabulous, a gorgeous face and wonderful colours.

Bren said...

Very elegant. Wonderful piece

Dianne said...


alarmcat said...

this is wonderful!!

Alie Hoogenboezem-de Vries said...

Again Diane: Great!!!

bye for now, Alie :-)

Juls said...

wow this is stunnng

Cherie said...

You create such beauty!! So happy I visited!


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