Monday, February 25, 2013

29 faces Day 25

Another  face  from  the  past--
She's  one  of  my  first  faces  that  I  ever  painted--it  was  3  years  ago--my  style  has  changed,  but  she's  still  one  of  my  favorites--my  first  Hippie  girl.
I  recycled  her  into  a  frame  and  matt--

 When  I  do  this,  I  print  out  the  image  on  to  a  heavy  cardstock,  and  then  I  put  a  layer  of  Golden's  matte  medium  over  it  which  creates  a  barrier.  That  way  I  can  add  bits  of  color  to  it  without  the color soaking  into  the  paper so  if  you  make  a  mistake,  you  can  easily  fix it.  The   print  was  a  bit  washed  out,  so  I  just  added  more  color  to it,  and  then  I  made  the  fun  'Hippie' matt to  go  with  her.

And  to  see  more--go  HERE--only  4  more  days  left!


Gabbi said...

Just as beautiful then as it is now!

Marianne said...

Gorgeous!! What a beautiful piece it is now!! Love the colours!!
xxx Marianne
PS Did you know you have to fill in a word verification if you leave a comment on your blog, which is very annoying. You can chance that very easy, but perhaps you do it with a reason??

Ayala Art said...

This is fantastic! With a sweet gypsy feeling and beautiful texture!

Cameron said...

You've been doing an incredible job keeping up with this....and making beautiful pieces in the process :)

Bren said...

Oh I love her, she's wonderful

Kelly Watts said...

So pretty.


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