Monday, February 18, 2013

29 Faces Day 18

This  will  be  part 1  of  my  face  for  day  18--
Right  now  it's  just  the  start  of  my  face  drawn  with graphite.....more  tomorrow.
And  see  more  faces  HERE.
Thank  you  Ayala  Art  for  having  this  challenge--I  never  would  have  kept  up  with  this,  if  I  didn't  commit  to  it--it's  a  little  tougher  than  I  thought--to  stay  focused  on  one  theme....and  to  blog  about  it  every  day!


Bren said...

love the profile view, she's a beauty

Karin said...

wow this looks great!

Jenny said...

She is divine Diane... I love her already...

Jenny ♥ said...

Beautiful sketch, i will look forward to seeing it finished


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