Friday, February 22, 2013

29 Faces Day 22

This  face  was  very  fun  to  create.   I'm  a  subscriber  to  Suzi  Dennis's  you  tube  channel.   If  you're  an  art  journaler,  then  you  will  love her  videos--lots  of  techniques  and  very  fun  art  making.  I'm  really  not  into  art  journaling  that  much--but  I  still  enjoy  her  videos  very  much,  and  find  some  great  inspiration  (like  for  today's  face).   You  can  check  out  her  channel  HERE .    She  has  at  least  one  video  up  each  week.
So  this  is  what  I  did.   I  cut  a  piece  of  watercolor  paper  to  a  6 x 6 inch  size  and  I  drew  my face  on  it  (in  this  case,  it  was  a  sunface).   And  then  I  cut  up  the  paper  into  4  equal  squares.   I  took  each  piece  and  painted  it  in--let  me  just  show  you--
I  took  out  what  colors  paint  that  I  wanted  to use,  and  then  I  painted  each  square  individually.   Then  when  I  was all  finished,  I  put  them  back  together  (like  a  puzzle : )  on  to  a  6 x 6  canvas--
--very  fun--I'm  going  to  do this  again,  but  maybe  I'll  cut  up  the  pieces  in random  sizes--that  would  be  fun  too--I  like  putting  puzzles  together  : )
So  there's  only  a  few  more  days  left  (WOW!),  but  the  faces  are  still  coming,  and  you  can  see  them  all  HERE--see  you  tomorrow......


Sue Marrazzo said...

I love your composition and the very whimsical take on this subject!!!!

Donna said...

I love this Diane! Beautiful! I follow your blog and I love everything you create!

Have a great day!

Tina said...

Very cool!!!

Lisa Graham Art said...

I have been really enjoying your faces. This cut piece is a great idea...thanks for the inspiration is always present here.

lee said...

what a great idea, you did a wonderful creation, and lisa says per inspiration

lee said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
djano said...

Diane, love, love your faces !
Just beautiful and so expressive!


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