Sunday, February 17, 2013

29 Faces Day 17

Yesterday  I  showed  you  the  start  of  my  new  face--
....but  let  me  back  it  up  a  little  bit,  and  show  you  before  I  even  started  the  face--
This  bell  is  from  my  Uncle  Carl's  bell  collection.  Last  December  he  passed  away  after  a  short  illness,  and  his  wife,  my  Aunt  Anna (aka Annie)  had  already  passed  some  years  ago.  So  my  cousins  have  decided  to  sell  his  house,  but  are  making  sure  that  everyone  in  the  family  can  have  some  of  their  belongings   which  made  up  their life.
My  aunt  was  an  avid  garage sale,  estate and flea  market  junkie--she  also  sold  at  the  local  flea  market.  And  I  think  my  uncle  got  a  teeny  bit  of  the  collecting  bug  from  her.   And  that's  how  I  got  this  bell.
And  after  some  investigating,  I  found  out  it's  either  a  telephone  ringer  bell  or  a  doorbell--I'm  going  with  the  telephone  ringer,  since  it's  only  about  5  inches  long.
Well  no  matter  what  kind  of  bell  it  WAS--it's  no  longer  that!
It's  now  a  Southern  'Bell'e  and  her  name  is  Annie  : )
I  think  she  would  put  a  smile  on  my  Aunt  Anna  and  Uncle  Carl's  face.
And  if  you  want  to  see  more  faces  today,  remember  to  visit  HERE.


Dorthe said...

Love your Annie,
how wonderful and happy :-).

Giggles said...

This is stunning...what a wonderful way to up-cycle this wonderful bell!! Fabulous work as always!

Hugs Giggles

Terri said...


Marianne said...

Lovely Annie. What a nice altered bell. She's ooks awesome.
xxx Marianne

Kathy said...

Diane, this is inspired and I think Carl and Annie would approve!

Lizzy Love said...

Well done, I love the southern "belle" cute play on words!

debi said...

Oh, she's absolutely stunning! What a creative and thoughtful tribute to your aunt and uncle. Thanks for sharing!

Art Play Today said...

She is so cool! I especially like the beaded legs that dangle!

Linda said...

Just amazing! I really like this!

Kimberly S said...

Wow, what a gorgeous project! :) hugs, Kimberly

Sunny Lee said...

Beautiful Transformation ~ :)

CraftyViolet said...

Love it! If your cousins are half as creative as you are, your aunt and uncle's processions will live on in a new way!


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