Thursday, February 21, 2013

29 Faces Day 21

Today's  face--  latest  she  art  girl....if  you  know  Christy  Tomlinson,  then  you  know  all  about  she  art  girls.    I  took  her  first  she  art  class  2  years  ago,  and  her  second  one  last  year,  and  this  year  I'm  happy  to  be  taking  her  3rd  one  which  just  started  2  days  ago.  
Her  art  is  evolving  as  much  as  any  other  artist,  and  her  new  class  is  great--she  shares  everything  down  to the  last  detail  at  a  very  affordable  price.   You  can  check  out  her  class  HERE.
And  the  rest  of  my  she  art  girl--
...these  are  always  so  fun  to  make!
And  to  see  more  faces--visit  HERE!


Marianne said...

Lovely creation!! Thanks for sharing your beautiful artwork! xxx Marianne

Marilyn Rock said...

This is fantastic!

Tina said...

Enjoying seeing the faces. Beautiful

Bren said...

This is fun, I can see it going quickly, great work

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

I have been so very absent from blogland for so long, it was a fun treat to go back and look at your lovely faces, many are so different. They are all pretty wonderful, including the belle of the bell.

maria l. said...

An original blog

Juls said...

This is stunning!! Hugs Juls


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