Tuesday, February 26, 2013

29 Faces Day 26

Day  26--I'm  getting  there--this  wasn't  as  easy  as  I  thought--I'm  sure  a LOT  of  you  can  relate--it's  hard  to  stay  focused  on  one  subject  for  a  whole  month!   Well, for  today,  I  have  a  new  face--
graphite  drawing
I  used  a  photo  reference  for  this  one--I  found  the  face  on  Pinterest.  If  you  ever  need  ANY  type  of  inspiration--that's  the  place  to go  to.   As  a  matter  of  fact,  I  just  made  a  great  dinner  on  Sunday  from  a  recipe  that  I  found  on  Pinterest!   And  I'm  sure  I'm  not  telling  you  guys  something  that  you don't  know  already.
Okay,  back  to  the  faces,  you  also by now  should  know  where  to  go  to  see  more,  but  if  you  don't,  go  HERE.
P.S.  I  know  it's  annoying  with the  word  verification  thing  for  leaving  comments,  so  I  shut  it  off  yesterday,  and  now  I've  turned  it  back on--I  received  at  least  a  half  a  dozen  spam  comments  since  yesterday--so  I  just  had  to  turn  it  back  on.


Alie Hoogenboezem-de Vries said...

Lovely Diane!

greetings, Alie :-)

denthe said...

Oh yes, I can relate! ;-) Your drawing is beautiful though!

Dawn said...

I don't get any spam I rarely have my WV on what a shame. Any way back to the face I love her hair lots! Dxx


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