Thursday, February 14, 2013

29 Faces Day 14

Happy  Valentine's  Day  everyone!!
My  valentine's  face  is  from  my  new  'journal'.   I'm  not  much  of  an  art  journaler, so  this  one  was  perfect  for  me.
Art  Doodle  Love  by  Dawn DeVries Sokol--there  are  5  themed  chapters,  but  nothing  to  read--just  pages  of  color  and  random  marks  with  a  little  doodling  in  there--basically  a  jump  start  for  you  to  start  your  personal  art  journal.   And  there are  prompts  on  a  lot  of  the  pages in  there to  help  give  you  ideas  if  you  want  to  use  them--it's  up  to  you.
So  I  started  on  page  101, because  it's  the  page  that  spoke  to  me  first.
The  only  thing  that  was  on  this  particular  page  before  I  started  was  the  background color (every  page  already  has  a  color  wash  to  it  that  you  can  leave  as   is, or  add  more)  the  white  houses  with  script  on  them  and  this  quote  that  I  love.   I  added  the  rest--the  face,  some  color  and  some  stamping--I  could  have  added  more,  journaled  more,  etc, etc--but  you  get  the  point.
It's  a  fun  journal  of  sorts  and  every  page  is  different.  If  you're  like  me  and  hate  that  white  page--you  may  really  like  this  book.   I  haven't  tried  any  wet  medium  yet,  but  that's  my  next  thing  that  I'll try--we'll  see  how  that  goes--the  pages  aren't  super  heavy.
And  to  see  more  faces--you  can  visit  HERE.
See  you  tomorrow!


Marianne said...

That looks like a very lovely art journal book and you made a good start with your lovely drawing.
Love the buttterflies too!
xxx Marianne

Alie Hoogenboezem-de Vries said...

How great this the's so impressive Diane!

greetings, Alie :-)

Kristin Dudish said...

What a beautiful page you've created!


p.s. I love the painted mat boards you've created for your faces :)

Juls said...

its fabulous!! Hugs Juls

Jenny said...

The journal is beautiful Diane... I so love the idea of having a background to begin on... and your girl is stunning... and soulful...

Jenny ♥

Marilyn Rock said...

Love, love, love this! Happy Valentine's Day!

Isabel said...

Have fun journaling:O) Happy Valentines Day:O)

Lisa Graham Art said...

Gorgeous...simple...and expressive! love it Diane!


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